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Managers of Their Chores/Homes?

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Reviews please? I'm considering buying at least the Chores book, probably both eventually.


Right now chores, cleaning, school, and everything just are not getting done - my 4yo has no concept of chores or helping without being told and prodded/bribed to do it. Meals are whatever we throw together at the last minute, and the house is a total WRECK.


I've tried Flylady - didn't work. Tried Sidetracked Home Executives - didn't work. Tried Motivated Moms - didn't work.

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It depends on what you are looking for. The basics of it is you seperate your day into 30-60 minute "sessions" where you do a preset task (cleaning, cooking, reading, bathing whatever) and once that time is gone you stop and go onto the next task. I do warn theres a section on scheduling babies that some people might find offensive but even the lady that wrote the book said that not everyone wants to /would work for them so if you find it offensive/know it won't work then don't read the chapter. I read it anyway but didn't find it that bad (for example she says that it helps to schedule but of course if the baby is crying to nurse don't make them wait to feed them because they are hungry).. The chores one I haven't read yet but it looks interesting. I don't know how it would work for younger kids because I can't see my almost 4 year old doing the chores without someone walking her through them. However, my girls are a little implusive so trying to get them to do anything without sitting on them is hard. 



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I use the Managers of their Chores witih my kiddoes. For awhile I did not clip the cards to them.  My oldest does OK now on her own.  I've gone back to the card holders for the other two, who need that dangling reminder. I like it for the kids.  For myself, I do fine menu planning. But I don't LIKE doing some housekeeping, so it's a struggle.  I've borrowed Sidetracked from a friend to read.  I'm OK with a certain level of mess. My personal priority is quality, homemade food, so that's where I put my energy. That's why I'm teaching my kids to help around the house, so I don't have to do it all!


As for the Managers of their Home/Chores, yes she schedules babies. I say take what is useful, disregard what is not. 

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