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Coping with bedrest

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I am almost 23 weeks with di/di twins. This is my fourth pregnancy. Almost 2 weeks ago I started having rock-hard belly issues whenever I was on my feet. I was put on limited bedrest. Things stay pretty quiet when I'm lying down, and sometimes I can sit up without contracting, but I can never stand or walk without my uterus getting grumpy on me. My cervix is at a good 4.1 as of last week, but since it's so early, I'm on full bedrest until things quiet down, if they do.


I have 3 other children to care for, but a lot of family and friend support around. I'm trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I might be here for a couple of months or longer. I feel guilty about the increased load on my already stressed husband, I feel sad that I'm missing out on some Christmas shopping for my daughters that I've looked forward to (I've been able to do most online, but there are a couple of things I was looking forward to picking out in the store) and I'm sad to be watching life go by around me. I always wondered how women deal with long-term bedrest. I guess if the alternative is putting the babies at danger, you just do.

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IM sorry you are on bedrest, though I dont understand. If you are not dilating, why are you on bedrest? I have an irritable uterus, and I am 29 weeks, not on even modified bedrest. My ob put me on some medicine(terb) but other than that as long as I am not dialiting, I do not have to be on bedrest. I just rest when I feel like it, but the meds work very well.

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I was in the hospital for a few weeks the december I was pregnant with twins. When I finally escaped, I was on "house arrest". The fun all started at 28 weeks.


It seems like forever. It's boring, frustrating... I know.  But, it's finite. When I was in the thick of it, it felt like a life sentence, and I was really irratated at the doctors just ordering bedrest. Didn't they know I had things to do?  but from this side of it, I really blew it out of proportion. Yes, you're going to be there awhile, but you'll get to the end.


Personally, I recommend good books, mindless TV (if you're so inclined) and at hand internet connection. 

I wish you the best.

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Reading occupied my time a lot but to be honest after a while I needed some numbing down time so I have to say having netflix on my tv in my bedroom was a sanity savor for me.  If you own a playstation 3 or a wii you can have netflix on them.


The biggest downside we had from my bedrest was the complete depletion of our savings.  My dh had to go on FMLA to stay at home with the other children while I was on bedrest, we spent all our savings just paying the bills during that time with no income coming in. : (  Start looking into any short/long term insurance options your dh might have.  Some policies will cover it for immediate family as well.


hug2.gif  Its a long road but so worth it in the end.

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Bummer! I'm sorry you're going through all that!


I have an irritable uterus also and get the whole rock hard belly thing pretty much the whole second half of every day and sporatically in the mornings. My doc isn't concerned as long as its not changing my cervix though and I'm still hovering between 3-3.5cm so its not causing cervical change at this point. The doc also mentioned putting me on nifedipene instead of or with bedrest if we get to that point to keep the contracting down.


I'm curious who your doc is. I'm a birth doula and childbirth educator so I have experience with most of the docs in our area. They all tend to have a little different approach to things.


I was on hospital bedrest for 3 weeks with my last pregnancy and it was so cruddy being away from my family (especially my son who was 20m at the time) but at least I was being brought meals, didn't have to look at my dirty house, etc. Of course I hope I get to stay home as long as possible this time, but it might be more frustrating in a way being at home but not able to do anything. Definitely take up the family and friends' offers of help!


Good luck!!



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I was on limited bedrest at first, but I continue to get the rock hard belly almost as soon as I stand. It doesn't stop until I lie down again. Since I am so early I think he just doesn't want to take any chances, so for now I have to rest whenever it happens- which is always. Hopefully my cervix still isn't changing and won't for a long time. It's just much, much too early!


I don't like to divulge too much personal information but I'm with one of the big clinics next to Luke's. My doctor has 7 sets of twins right now and has delivered many others. He almost always gets the moms to at least 35 weeks, he has a really good reputation, and I trust his judgment so I'll do what he says. It does seem a little conservative compared to the line some doctors would take I suppose, but I'm confident in his opinion. Thankfully I have a lot of family and good friends around to help. :)


Thanks for the suggestions! Even after being down for pretty much 2 weeks, nothing has changed. I still can't get up without getting the hard belly. I guess that means I'll be here for awhile, but you're right- it's definitely worth it. But I must say, if I had any doubts before they're gone now: this is my last pregnancy!

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I contract about once every hour or two, I'd say... sometimes not at all until after lunch, but definitely on a daily basis.

My midwife just wants me to keep an eye on things.

And I even called the OB/GYN at the insistence of coworkers, and they said the same thing!


I'm sorry you're unable to move around much these days.

I can only imagine how frustrating that is. :(

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Bummer that things aren't getting better when you're up, but at least the bedrest is helping!


I'm still not technically on bedrest but we decided to put me on the lowest dose of nifedipene because I was contracting so much (6+/hr) and they were gaining in intensity. No cervical change yet, but we don't want to wait until its too late either.


Has your doc mentioned nifedipene? It totally knocked down the amount of cntx I was having and the whole "hard belly" thing, which has allowed me to stay mobile (or as much as I can at 26wks with triplets anyway!) around the house and still somewhat take care of my other kids. Just a thought. :)


I hope you had a nice Christmas, even if it was horizontal. :)



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