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"baby" asprin?

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Is anyone taking this ir have you with other pregnancys?  I starting bleeding a lot two days ago, it seemed to be just how my last miscarriage started, so I of course freked out and thought I was miscarrying again.  I have a great HB midwife this time around and called her and she gave me the option of an ultrasound.  I took it and we saw/heard a strong heartbeat and the bean was even measuring a day bigger then thouhgt.  I called my midwife and told her and she said that was great and I should be realived that we heard a heartbeat, but I told her we saw a heartbeat last time too and I still miscarried.  She was surprised by that and said that was rare and that I should start taking one baby/low dose asprin a day.  I trust her, but am a little scared about it.  Anyone else doing this/done it and everything turned out ok with the baby?

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I've been required to take a low dose asprin since the day we transfered.  It's just standard practice for the clinic.  I'm not at any special risk or anything, they just have everyone do it.  I'm assuming that the midwife will have me stop in the near future and go to a more normal protocol.

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I'm supposed to take baby aspirin because I have a clotting disorder called MTHFR ... don't ask me what it stands for!   I took the baby aspirin while trying to conceive and I think it definitely helps!  My doctor always tells me to take it b/c you are at a higher risk for clotting while preggo.  I'm bad at taking any kind of pill once so ever!

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I'm also taking baby aspirin daily; my OB had me start it as soon as I got a BFP. I have the chewables, and actually love the flavor--it makes my prenatals go down so much easier! I'm taking it because there's a suspicion that I may have some clotting disorder related to autoimmune issues that could possibly have contributed to my losses, and all my doctors felt it that there was very minimal risk for me with baby aspirin, and possibly very high rewards, based on my history. (I haven't had the tests done to prove this is a factor for me, though, as insurance won't cover it unless I have a third loss. I'm willing to do a whole lot of things if there's any chance it might help me avoid the 3rd loss it would take to find out for sure.)

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I am taking low dose Aspirin and heparin. I have a clotting disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This regimen has made me keep all the babies after my first two losses. If you trust your MW - Go ahead! 

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