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Uh... OMG

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Our social worker called me today while I was on the way to the car dealership. I called her back from the waiting room (my car was getting an oil change/recall fix).


There's a baby due on December 24th, and the mom picked us. We're matched.


I made a total fool out of myself bawling in the car dealership and then frantically texted people for the next hour while we waited for our car to be done. lol There's so much to do and not enough time. C (the mom) has 3 other kids, and 2 of them were 3 weeks early, so it could be any day. There's not even time to start the lactation induction protocol. Hey, uh, anybody have any extra milk that they want to send me? lol We're going to go shopping tomorrow, there's so much to do, AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


*UPDATE*  The agency hasn't heard from C in a week.  I think she's changed her mind.  The SW told me that we don't know that, so not to lose hope.  But I have a feeling.

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wow! that is amazing!! congrats!!!!banana.gif

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Congrats!!! joy.gif

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What a wonderful Christmas present!

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That is so wonderful! Congrats!

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Awwww!  Congratulations!  I saw this in new posts and couldn't resist dropping in.  What an absolutely wonderful Christmas gift for you!  We have an adopted baby in our lives who thrived on organic Similac.  :) 

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I am so stinkin' excited for you!  You have waited a loong time.  Have fun shopping and getting ready :)

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You're having a baby! love.gif

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So exciting!! CONGRATS!

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Crashing in from new posts to say congrats, Beck!  That's so awesome!  I wish we were still on the same side of the country, I would start pumping for you!

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How exciting.  I hope things proceed smoothly from here on out.  And remember, formula isn't the enemy.  Both of my kids were 100% formula fed and they are as bright, healthy, and happy as any other child. 

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Start the fast protocol now. Get yourself a lactaid. Nurse the baby every feeding using the lactaid. Maybe you'll get a full supply doing that (some women do) Maybe you won't make anything, but your baby will benefit from being at the breast. Maybe you'll make just a bit and at least the baby will get fresh antibodies.


Check out www.milkshare.com for milk. That's where I donated and also where I got donor milk to supplement my adopted daughter's needs. She's 28 months and still nursing. I use a supplementer  for sleep times.


There's also a facebook group called eats on feets. (A take off of meals on wheels.)

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Congratulations~ soo excited for you!



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Congratulations on your new baby!!!!!



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Saw this in new posts and just wanted to say Congratulations! What a blessing!

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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What a wonderful phone call to get.

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joy.gifThis is great news Beck! You made my whole month. I am so glad to hear this! Hugs to you... I am sure you must be so happy right now.

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Congratulations!!!! That is wonderful!!!

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