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Anyone had a VBA2C with Twins?

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Hello everyone,


My doc has frightened the wits out of me talking about uterine rupture when I requested her to support me for a vba2c. I started reading a lot after that and regained confidence. Now that I recently got to know I am carrying twins, the uterine rupture things keeps nigglin at the back of my head. I am confident of everything going well by God's help. But I would like to know if anyone here has had VBA2C with MCD twins? Also, is there anything that can be done to strengthen the scar to make sure no rupture takes place or so?


Thanks a lot!

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No, and I had to be pretty firm with my OB for him to continue supporting my VBAC with twins.  Ultimately, they presented double footling breech, but at least Baby A chose their birthdate.  I made it to 39 weeks with twins with my "thin uterus" and my uterus held up fine with quite the violent Baby A "kick out" and a few hours of very intense labor.


Have you considered having your twins at home?  Is that an option??  It wasn't for me.


I'm sure there are plenty of VBA2C, HBA2C, and UBA2C stories out there.  I'll be reading them as I prepare for my summer HBA2C with a singleton.  I don't think there are any providers who do hospital VBAmC even though ACOG revised its position.  But then again, I think I have a better shot at it at home anyway, so that suits me fine.



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There's a lady in the Atlanta ICAN group who VBAC'ed triplets. I think she had only 1 C/S though.

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i vbac'd twins!!!  my ob was extremely supportive.  it was one c/s but just wanted to say it can be done!

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I'm planning a vba2c with twins! My OB is very supportive of it and even told me she is optimistic about me being able to do it as long as Baby A stays head down (which he has). I have had one vbac before though between my 2 c/s which is part of the reason she thinks I can do it. I also have agreed to all the monitoring, epidural, etc but I am ok with those for this birth for my own peace of mind. I should be having my babies sometime next month and I will let you know how things go. :)

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Thanks everyone!


vba2c Home birth is out of question here in India. I dont have a single doctor supporting me here and no midwives in my city. I might be going to another city where I have support but in the meanwhile if I go into labour early, I need to find some suportive doc. Soem of you are really fortunate to have supportive docs!

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