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Scared, but joining.

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I got a very faint positive test last night and a definite positive test this morning.  I am in total shock.  I've only been dating the guy since late August and we've been using protection.  Pregnancies are very hard on me, so I'm scared to death really.  I also had a miscarriage back in June and because of that I'm kind of nervous about trying to process this pregnancy...just to end up losing it again.


I have all the symptoms.  Tired, starving, sore boobs, thirsty, night sweats, insomnia, constipated, waves of bad nausea.


Anyways thanks for letting me process.  You all are the first to know.  My family is not going to be thrilled and I don't even know how/when to tell the dad involved.  Congrats to everyone here!


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Hi! I had a miscarriage back in April and I know the fear. I am constantly reminding myself to just relax. I hope all goes well for you. smile.gif

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Well then let us be the first to say Congratulations!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and I'm sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage. 

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Welcome!  You have some extra challenges - I'm sorry you're family isn't supportive.  Wishing you a peaceful pregnancy.  hug.gif

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Thanks everyone for the welcome.  It's been a crazy weekend.  My hormones have definitely kicked in and it's not helping me act very rational lol.


My family is actually taking it well.  The father is being very supportive.  I feel pretty good which is nice for now (until the hg arrives, if it does again).


Every cramp or weird feeling has been expecting a miscarriage, but I know there is nothing I can do other than wait and see.  Trying to be patient sucks sometimes lol. 

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