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Hello July Mommas!

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Just thought I'd be the first to post! lol
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Hello, indeed!
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Due early July and planning a hb.
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Im due on the 25th with baby number one, going to go to the birthing center, and have my midwife deliver!

it's a boy
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Hi! Im due on around the 20th but we have a c-sec planned for July 12..
I had a uterine rupture with Irelend, and they are delivering at 35 wks....
And were having a boy names Landon
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Yay for the new subforum! I get overwelmed by the super-long monthly threads. I'm due with my first ( a boy) on July 31, so I could very well be an August mom. But I'd rather hang out with the July moms so I can get an idea of what's ahead. I just switched for seeing an OB to a midwife and I'm so happy! I'll be delivering at a hospital, planning on using hypnobirthing.
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I was just thinking last night about how a due date forum would clear up the space in the I'm pregnant forum!!! That's weird.

I'm due on the 4th of july. I'm planning a homebirth.

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Wow, good idea for the subforum but glad I checked the board.

Due with our second, this time a girl, around the fourth of July but I'm thinking it could very well be a June baby.

Planning a hospital delivery.
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Hi all!! I am due July 18th with our third girl. We are moving to a bigger house in less than 3 weeks. I can't wait to be settled and have the extra room. I hope to get to know all of you!!!
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Just stumbled in here too!
Due July 31 with our 2nd (a girl).
Ds was early, and our midwife seems to think this one will be too. So I'm haning out withe the Juuly Mamas. I don't particluarly think she's gonna come ealry, but we'll just see!
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I didn't say before that I am due July 26th with baby #2, a girl. We are planning a birth center birth with a midwife this time.
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Hello I'm due 30 June, planning to go to the hospital and have my drugs. (no flaming, please!) i'm just here trying to wrap my head around the potential for a July delivery!
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hi there

hope everyone finds their way over here. i definitely agree with this system for due date club posting... it's also fun to read everyone's due date again

I am due with baby number 2 on July 3. My first was 2 weeks late but in retrospect we weren't 100% sure of date of conception as i had just gone off of the pill at that time after 6 years of being on it. I never had a period before I was pregnant and really have no idea when I ovulated or conceived. They calculate my due date at that time based on my last period. Anyway....don't really know if I was "overdue" or not. Hoping not to go to far over this time as my parents will be visiting for about 1 week in the beginning of July and really want them around to help with dd when I am in hospital....we'll see. Birth is not something that can safely be planned, in my opinion. So I will be patient to wait until the baby decides he/she is ready.

Planning a midwife and good friend assisted hospital birth with Bradley method..

Hope you all are feeling well

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Hello all you crazy July mama cats...
I'm Snowy, due July 27 and givin birth once again in the safety and comfort of my home.
Bring it on.....
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Hi all!

Still Jennifer, still due with baby #3 at the end of July (although since I went to 41 weeks with the others I suspect she'll come in August). This is our first girl after two boys!

Her name is Kiersten!

Edit to add: We are planning our third hospital birth with midwife and no meds. We have had two BEAUTIFUL experiences with a very low intervention hospital!
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Kristen (30) here with #2 - a boy so far named Quin or Quinn or Elliott - due somewhere around the 20th of July.

I am a WAHM (baby slings that I am not allowed to mention) to Zoie who was born in Nov '01, and wife to Mike(32), a bartender.

Oh yeah, homebirth with midwife being planned.
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Hi all! I'm due on July 18. This one is a girl! Her name is Lila Kerry. Our son is 2 1/2, and likes talking about "Wiwa."

I'm planning on a hospital delivery with a midwife. I didn't get an epidural with ds, but had plenty of other medical interventions due to preeclampsia. I'm hoping for a quieter, less eventful birth with this one.
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Hi, I mostly lurk... but here goes.

DD#2 is due July 5th (going to keep my legs crossed through the holidays). DD#1 will be 2.5 at that time. Haven't yet decided how (long and complicated story), but it will be a hospital birth.
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#1 due around July 24

It's a boy, Elias Christopher

Oh, and I turn 30 on Saturday!
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DS #2 is due July 24th, though they moved my date up a few days at my u/s appt. We didn't stick around to see the dr. since we had our first mw appt. later that day. Planning a home birth and scared of the pain!! I welcome any coping ideas and stories of getting through it. Ds #1 was assisted by an epidural, vacuum suction and episiotomy. Hence the home birth for #2.
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