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due with #3 July 16th (my birthday!) another homebirth for us
Have no idea what the sex is.
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Hi! July 13 for me, planning to have baby at home. We don't know what flavor, it's dd's job to check and tell us.
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Hi! I'm new here, I am Kristen mama to Marina 6, Maggie, 4 and Samuel 2. I am due with baby girl Sydney on July 3rd and I can't wait
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I have not posted in sooooo long!!
It is so much easier to catch up with the divided forum! I am due July 5th, but expect to go a bit early as my daughter was 37.5 weeks. Planning a second homebirth with my midwife from my first delivery and my best friend who just became a midwife!!!
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I'm due with my #1 (son-shine ) on July 10th. We're planning a natural birth at a birthing center with a midwife. One of my best friends is going to be our doula.
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Hi, all! Wow, I like the new board format; it's so much easier to keep track of the July mommas!

I'm due July 17, but hoping and praying big time that the baby is either a couple of weeks early, or at least a few days late. My oldest son is getting married on my duedate, in a town 3 1/4 hours away---considering how fast a few of my births have been, I don't want to risk going into labor when I'm out of town!

After much waffling, I think I've decided on birthing (vbac) at the hospital...although, with the way they've changed their policies recently, it wouldn't surprise me if they decide they won't do vbacs at all by July . And then it will be Big Decision time...

Joni, mom to boys 'n' girls, and due 7-17-ish
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