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1st time homebirth in Sacramento, CA

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Hi, I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a midwife in the Sacramento, California area? 


Anything I should look for in particular when searching?


Is a group of midwives better than a single practicing midwife?  Is it preferable to have a CMP or a CNM?


What can I accept for cost (I don't have the right insurance, I'm certain it will be all out of pocket.)


Also at what stage in your pregnancy should you begin seeing a midwife?  Anyone ever wait till half way through or is that just silly?


Is it weird that I don't want a water birth??? 


BTW, i'm not even sure I'm pregnant, but I have ALL the signs and I know my body pretty well.  My one regret was never having a homebirth so this is my first thought to start saving for.



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 Do you want a home birth or a hospital birth? Often home birth midwives are CPMs although sometimes CNM,s also attend home births. There is a CMN in Carmichael Tuesday Knight, New Earth Midwifery. I know she has a website, don't know the link off the top of my head. Another practice of two midwives in Citrus Heights is One Heart Midwifery, and Birthstream in based out of Davis, and they are a very popular group of midwives. I am using Born at Home. I am sure there are others, as well. There is also a freestanding birth center run by a CNM.

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I had Deborah at American River Midwifery (www.purebirth.com). My experience with her was wonderful and I'll be using her again in the future.  You can start seeing a midwife at any point, but earlier can be better for getting to know them and feel comfortable.  Also, they might book up quickly.  

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I'm using Birthstream and I really love them. I have a lot of friends whose births were attended by the midwives and they all have really nice things to say about them. We just moved here, so I had to transfer care at 30 weeks. I was worried that I would have enough time to feel comfortable with the midwives in the practice, but I can already say that I feel much more comfortable with them after 3 visits than with my old midwifery group in WA. One thing I love about Birthstream is that they do all of your visits at home--every. single. one. I really need that convenience right now with a new move and two older kids.


I've heard lots of nice things about One Heart midwifery as well. I was going to interview with them, but I cancelled after my interview with Birthstream because I just wanted to get the show on the road--and I really didn't feel like driving to Citrus Heights for every visit (we live in South Sac/Elk Grove).


We have an HMO, so we'll be paying out of pocket. I think the going rate around these parts is 4K or so.

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Tuesday Knight is a personal friend and excellent CNM midwife, she does home births all over the Sac area. She takes most insurance, even medi-cal, but not the HMOs (I've got the wrong insurance too, darn HMOs!). I think she charges $5,000 which I think is typical for the Sac area, although in Chico (90 miles north) it's more like $2,000.

Just like any prenatal care, you should not wait. As soon as you know you're pregnant, about 4-6 weeks after your last period, you should schedule either a doctor's appointment or at least an interview for your midwife. They may only want to see you once during the first trimester, but waiting 4 months to seek prenatal care doesn't seem wise to me. Unlike an OB/GYN, your midwife needs to start getting to know you and become familiar with your body and your pregnancy. Also, my midwife was an herbalist and had cures for morning sickness and every other discomfort, and also coordinated a "junk swap" so she could bring you a maternity dress or bigger size bra, and had a lending library in her office with like 6 years of back issues of Mothering and Hip Mama. 

I had a home birth but not a water birth. Lotsa mamas want to birth in their bed and I think that's even more common than water birth.

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I have had One Heart for my last two homebirths (one on Friday actually) and LOVE them! http://www.oneheartvillage.com/ 

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