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My daddy has diabetes

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My dad found out last week that he has type II diabetes. I have been looking around for discussion groups and supply places. I wondered if any of you wise folks knew what med supply places are inexpensive but reliable and what are good discussion groups. We have some good cookbooks. I am also looking for education materials for him.
Dad is 58 and also has asthma among some other health conditions. I of course have always worried about him, and this is the first time he is actually doing anything proactive about his health. So I need to know what has worked for others, hints tips and advice. TIA
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My dh has type 1 diabetes. Different in some ways but the support groups are pretty much the same. The American Diabetes Association has a good web site with lots of information on diabetes and support groups. You can find them at www.diabetes.org. As far as medical supply places go, we use a place called minimed and Wright and Philipus. They might be local, though, I'm not sure.

Good luck and your dad is lucky to have you!
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My dh has type I too. We subscribe to a magazine called Diabetes Well. lots of good info. Ekblad, do you know of a support group for partners of people with type I. my dh has had complications and I've often wanted to talk with someone who experiences the same challenges of living with someone with type I. thanks
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I also have type I diabetes. In my opinion this is a totally different disease than type II (different underlying cause, disease process and implications, some different symptoms, different treatment, typical time of onset, and even long-term impact). But I agree that lots of support can be found on the ADA website. Go there right away! Also, I usually just get my supplies through the Pharmacy (and the Minimed company, as that is where my insulin pump is from), but I think One Touch is pretty well-known and has a good reputation in terms of offering supplies. I do use them for my blood glucose meters.
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I made a mistake. the name of the diabetic magazine is Diabetes Interview, not Diabetes Well.
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Thank You!!!

I have not been able to get on the computer regularly lately and it was so nice to see so many replies.
I am so proud of dad. He has been following dr's orders, testing his blood sugar every morning and eating carefully. I think it is because he feels such a difference. He said he feels better than he has in months. He has also discovered that 2 of his co-workers also have TypeII. I have never seen him take such good care of himself. I really hope it lasts. I will check out those sites and send them along to him as well.
Good thing he likes fruits and veggies so much!

Thanks again
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I PMed you, Jaybird. Just wondered if you got it!

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