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MamaChef - Thanks for the pictures! Those are super cute, and I bet your dd had a blast decorating them.
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Crystalyn - I have 'remember the milk' and really like it.

If anyone travels for work or otherwise, tripit is an awesome app.

20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning - so excited to find out the sex!

Talked to a midwife last week - gonna have my first homebirth after two hospital births. So happy smile.gif
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hello everyone :)

17 weeks over here...can't believe how fast it is going. sheesh.

1 month until i find out the baby's sex...pretty stoked but so busy that i just realized that it's only a month away now!

i just finished one exam and have one more to write tomorrow, then a huge sewing/writing project for english and an exam sat morning and an exam sun morning. blech. and then a midwife appt and i'm off to my mom's after that with my son for a week. so stoked!!! derek will come up on the 24 as he's in school right up until then. isn't that lame?! oh well. we're just packing / cleaning / baking cookies tonight. early morning...have a good night everyone, sorry i'm not responding personally but i am keeping up in reading :)


cute gingerbread houses! they baked perfectly!!

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Hi ladies!

I'm just getting caught up again.  We just returned from Florida yesterday.  We left on Dec 1, so I feel like I've been gone forever!  It was a nice vacation but COLD. We weren 't prepared for that. Of course when we returned home to Chicago it was 18 degrees and there was snow on the ground. 


I'm in denial that it's Chrismastime.  I still have much shopping and baking to do!  We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner and haven't even started thinking about that yet.  I enjoy all of it though, so I'm looking forward to getting the house organized (unpacking, laundry, etc.) and cleaned and starting on the fun stuff.  At least I have a little energy to do it!


Finally, today I'm 20 weeks!  Woohoo!  I love this part of pregnancy.  I can feel the baby kicking many times a day.  I'm still relatively comfortable--knock wood.  Not too much heartburn, not too much cervical pressure, not ridiculously huge yet!  Yay!  Looking forward to the next few weeks!


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Said a little blessing for your final with the ogre today.  There must be so much relief in it just being done.  Was reading this last night and thought of you:


Dear Brave Souls: If there are any loose threads, tie a knot.That's what 'they' say.Tonight I was thinking, good old crone advice and the how of it... ?


Often the how of even sage proverbs is left out. It is true, that most often, the mending or the weaving or the knitting will wait for a bit, that the loose ends of the thread, the yarn, will survive dangling there for a while, especially if we tie the knot...


by combing the weaving down well, by putting the little ring on the end of the knitting needle so the purls dont fall off, by putting a slip-stitch into the mending to keep the part completed, in place.


What other metaphors might help to understand. What does it mean to tie a knot on anxious thinkings? I think it means to take the train off the tracks for a bit. To turn down the noise for a time. To take the key out of the ignition for a while.


To turn to other things that are not of 'the woman of the whorl'... to rest in ways that regenerate rather than regurgitate the same ol' same ol' heart-tearing thoughts...


to rest instead of reconvening every morning the same p.o-ed point of departure as before, to leave this time now from a different station, to take a brighter tack, to imagine daybreak on everything instead of doom.


Rest so often means, doesnt it, to tie a knot on the loose ends and let all worries be for a time... 


Coming back is often fresher then. Rest can be a few minutes, it can be days long.Thing is, the old pile of worry bones we pick at--and I do know those bones quite well, dont we all--  will ever wait for us to worry over them...


they cant go anywhere that pile of bones, and only rise up and scare us when we string them together and let them use our anxieties to lunge at us. Other than that, they're only a pile of worry bones. They have no life without siphoning from our drear thoughts. 


We can tie off and rest for a time. It is alright to tie off the so lesser thoughts, and then rest now, day is done.


As we know, we who have lived long, most of what rises to worry down on us, never occurs. And other worries which remain, need the salve of a plan in place, plan a and plan b and plan c.


But that is not for now. Tomorrow one can plan. Planning is ever more easy when one is rested.


Now, night is over us. The knots will hold. Rest. The new day not yet written upon is ahead.


Tuck tuck.

Peace be with you.


with love,




Actually I thought of so many of you ladies and how busy we as mothers and women are during this time of year (and everyday!).  I love Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  She always helps give me perspective.



becca, dont know what time your appt is.. But I find with medical professionals.. especially doctors, the whole "you catch more flies with honey" thing goes a long way.  Especially when you are trying to get someone to step out on a limb they find unsteady for you.  I'd try to be as nonconfrontational as possible while maintaining your needs and desires.  It's great that you are bringing in so much research.  I'd leave off that last sentence about laboring at home and coming as close to the birth as possible.  Id just do it ;)  I really hope your appt goes wonderfully and your OB can just be supportive.



Skrimpy,  I hope the call comes today!  I have a friend who is having super horrible SPD and she is getting alot of relief from the Prenatal cradle.  I also know a couple midwives who recommend them often.  I like how they arent so confining and look so much more breathable then other contraptions.  Remember that at 20 weeks relaxin is at it's highest until the end.  So in the next few weeks hopefully your chiro can get you stabilized out a bit. 




They actually called me to schedule the breast US yesterday, thought we were just doing them at the same time, but the place that does prenatal USes doesnt do the breast ones so they were able to get me in today.  Just about to leave.  Ill be glad to just get it out of the way.


I finished up a Poppet for DD this morning.  It's actually to replace the one I made her last year that the dog mauled.

Anatomically correct

Waiting on hair

Kinda cute with no hair


Wild Child


Now all I have to do is finish some felt ornaments and Im DONE.  So glad DH talked me into not doing cookies this year.

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Work has been a ball of stress lately, which is not fun. Did a pile of fun Xmas things though, so that made up for it. I have been having terrible hip pain trying to sleep on my sides, so a friend went out and bought me a body pillow and gave it to me yesterday. I actually slept the entire night through, so I only needed 7 hours to feel completely refreshed. That was a welcome change of pace. :)


Loving everyone's updates.

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Pretty emotional.  Need a place to vent since Im not planning on telling anyone IRL about this until after we get the results back. 


It isnt a cyst, it appears to be a fibroadenoma with clear edges, but we are doing a biopsy on Friday to make sure.  Nobody in my family has had breast cancer.  My mother has 8 sisters.  There is no history on my paternal side either.


I HATE hospitals/doctors/ultrasounds yadda yadda.  I hate how they are so emotionless and dont take the time to focus on how often these things are nothing.  Instead, everything is an emergency/worst case scenario until proven otherwise.


I looked up some stuff online and feel pretty okay that it's a lactation adenoma.  When I look up fibroadenomas it just didnt look quite like that on the U/S.. but it looks just like the images I can find of lactation adenomas. 




Worst.time.ever to get news is when you are pregnant and it's two weeks before Christmas.  Im totally emotional and hoping I can get a hold of myself.  Im just glad we are getting it all done quickly and the results should be in by Wed.


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Hugs and good thoughts, MamaChef. I hope it is the least of things that it can be. 

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Sending good thoughts your way Mamachef! I can understand how emotional you must be. 


Knowing your health right now and always!



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Keeping you in my thoughts, MamaChef.

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Thinking of you and praying too, Mamachef. 

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i hope all goes well on friday.  you're in my thoughts, mamachef.

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MamaChef, thinking of you!


AFM: Ugh... what a day. I'm gonna copy and paste from another blog what happened here:


I got to the office 15 minutes early like the lady on the phone said, only to wait 30 minutes doing nothing because all of the paperwork she claimed I needed to fill out was already done. When I went back, her nurse took my weight and BP and started talking about my history. She asked if I was in for a consult for a VBAC. I said yes. She asked about my previous births. I slipped and told her both were c-sections (was told only to mention that to the doctor). She left and came back 5 minutes later and said that the doctor said they typically don't accept VBA2C patients, but would talk to me if I was still wanting to. I said yes, and immediately started stressing out. About this time, my mother called. She heard the tension in my voice and began to "go off" on me. She told me I needed to "give up" this "obsession" with a VBAC and accept that I healed fine with c-sections and a third would be fine. The doctors went to school to be able to tell me what was best, and I should trust them and do whatever they said. She then proceeded to tell me about how painful vaginal birth is, how episeotomies hurt during and after birth, how it burns and it's the worst pain imagineable. At this point I was holding the phone away from me because I was in the middle of a panic attack and bawling my eyes out. Of course, during all of this ordeal the doctor comes in and sees me hysterical and mistakenly thinks it's because of what the nurse said. She helped me calm down and we talked for about thirty minutes about my previous birth experiences, what I'm doing to prepare for this birth, and their whole "system" in regards to taking shifts at the hospital. She said she would have to discuss with her partners if they are willing to accept me. She also said if they aren't able to work their schedule out, I can consider Shands (hospital school in town will let anyone VBAC).

After I left, optimistic about a yes because of her body language and response to everything (and because I have the facts and ACOG on my side right now), I made the mistake of calling my mom back. She continued where she left off. She said, "And if they say no, it's not the end of the world." I broke in and said, "No, because we still have other options. This will happen." She came back with, "I just don't get you. I don't get this obsession with vaginal birth. You just don't understand how lucky you are to have had successful c-sections." I went on to tell her that a third c-section is riskier than a VBA2C, and she came back with, "I just don't understand it." I told her, "And you never will because you had two healthy vaginal births with no problems."

Why, why, why WHY?!?!?! UGH! This is so frustrating! I want to have a peaceful pregnancy and birth, and not deal with naysayers and negativity. All this talk about wanting to be there for the birth of HER grandbaby, and she gives me this stress?!?! I'm dreading telling her she's not going to be in the delivery room...

You know, unassisted birth is REALLY sounding nice right about now. Buy a handheld doppler, birthing kit, and just turn off the phones from May 5 until the baby's born...
After my appointment, I had my hair straightened and cut, so I feel happy with my new haircut, although my head hurts like you wouldn't believe from all the tugging and pulling during the straightening. DH and I decided we'd go back to natural with my style and color (instead of permed, curly and blonde highlights I'll be back to my chestnut brown and straight). I'm happy because I'm wanting to get back to natural with everything we do, and that's the last thing on my list... for now.
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Sending positive thoughts, Mamachef.  I hope time passes quickly (as quickly as it can) between now and test and results.

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(((hugs))) to Mamachef .....



And hugs to becca-howell too.. sorry those around you are not supportive ughhhhh major surgery is NOT something to speak light of, wish people would realize that vaginal birth is THE NORMAL way to give birth and highly preferable if at all possible ..... sigh ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

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aw mamachef. :( hugs hugs hugs. you're in my prayers! i LOVE poppets! do you have a pattern for them? i really want to make my son one...i became a bit obsessed with them a few years ago on craftster :)


and becca that sounds horrible. your mom sounds ...well i won't even say what i want to. :)

love love!

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Praying for you MamaChef!praying.gif
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Thanks, everyone!  You guys are the best.  So thankful for each and every one of you.


I cant even look at DD without crying. 


This is going to be the longest week ever. 


I was so looking forward to the U/S thursday and finding out what sex baby was.  Now, Im just praying I dont have cancer.  God, please let me not have cancer.  I know logically that this is probably nothing.  But it is TERRIFYING.  Pregnancy hormones are not helping at all.


becca,  so sorry your mom is being a wench.  I would not talk to her anymore about pregnancy, period.  You dont need that energy.  And I wouldnt have her anywhere near  me during labor.  I am really glad for you that your Doctor seemed so receptive.  Crossing my fingers for you that the practice can come to agreement in supporting you.


rylee,  ghillie finally put the pattern up online


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Originally Posted by MamaChef View Post

I was so looking forward to the U/S thursday and finding out what sex baby was.  Now, Im just praying I dont have cancer.  God, please let me not have cancer.  I know logically that this is probably nothing.  But it is TERRIFYING.  Pregnancy hormones are not helping at all.

so sorry.  i hate that you have to go through this.  thinking of you. hug.gif

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