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Karen, that's the exact spacing on DD and the new babe so your post made me even more excited :)  I know DD is going to love having a sister.

bluepetals, I had that happen with the weight thing.  Some scales are just completely off.  Do you have a scale at home?  I went for my annual and it said I weighed 12 lbs more then my home scale did.  Had another appt with another doc a couple days later and it matched my scale.

It totally sucks that your midwife appt was put on hold again.  

I had a similar experience with the anatomy scan this time, she couldnt get the pics of the spine she wanted until I turned on my side and then baby cooperated.  Did they try moving you around?  If not, then suggest it to them next time if there is some problem.  I also drank some oj right before the scan because I knew it was scheduled during baby's sleep time of day.

reelgeek, <3
So excited for you that you are feeling baby.  It's my absolute favorite part about being pregnant.  I love the bumps and kicks and actually really missed them once DD was born.

Crystalyn, why are they only slightly positive?  It just seems unduly pessimistic.

Biopsy went really well.  They let hubby come back with me because the U/S tech couldnt be with me and she asked that they let him come back :)  It was even better.  The biopsy didnt hurt at all!  It's been a little sore today but not bad at all.  I did decide to not get the marker placed and was glad the biopsy went so well just incase it had to be redone at some future point.  The radiologist I got for the biopsy was awesome and said that if she was a betting woman she would put all her money on it being benign.  That felt so good to hear!  And she explained alot of things to me about the mass and what the markers were for malignancy.  She said they needed to biopsy it because fibroadenomas and Phyllodes tumors look very similar on US and those could be malignant.. but they could also take decades to turn malignant.  she did not think it was dcis or some weird other cancer presentation.  So, now I feel so much better knowing that hopefully my worst case scenario, still isnt as bad as it is for so many women.  Im very very thankful today.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.  I know they helped bring me peace :)

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Yay, Mamachef!  When will you get the final word?  Still praying for you!


I joined the world of the living yesterday after that stomach virus keeping me down for 4 days.  Still feel sick, even today, but better, and was able to do a few things.  Yesterday, I drove an hour to my annual eye exam and found out that my doctor had passed away last month.  Sad, he was my childhood optometrist and a very nice guy.  His associate saw me, but I'll change offices next year.  The drive isn't worth it for this new doctor.  It makes me sad to go there anyway because it's in the town I grew up in and my mother passed away last year.  I've only been back half a dozen times since then and it always makes me cry--especially now that I'm carrying a baby that she'll never meet.  My sister and Dad still live in that town, but they always drive to visit us. So it's not like I have a reason to go there.  The nice thing about going there yesterday was that I saw my sister's new apartment and had lunch with her at a place I'e been craving--that is only there.  Funny, my Dad was at my house while I was there.  He comes almost every week to see the kids.  Nice.  He's a better Grandpa than he was a father.


I made 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 6 dozen chocolate covered cherry cookies yesterday.  Today I have to make 6 dozen mint chocolate chip cookies and 6 dozen or so turtle pretzels.  Most of these are for work and of course I'll save some for our Christmas celebration.  The kids have been eagerly "helping" me with these.  It's been nice.  We turn on Christmas music and enjoy each other. 


I also need to start wrapping presents today!  I hate that part.  And we're not done shopping. 

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MamaChef= Well, it looks like things are looking up. You are in my thoughts.


I am doing well. Waves of nausea still come but they're not bad.  I realllllly like to eat these days. I had icecream, a HoHo, and a piece of pizza this morning for breakfast. Just making up for lost time I think!

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Mamachef, that is great to hear!  Hope you get the definitive all-clear soon for complete relief.  Phew!


ETA:  Oh and I am going to use that juice tip, thanks!  They didn't try moving me around this time, but they have in the past...so I will suggest it next time.  And I weighed myself at home in the morning (which is the weight I usually take, so my at-appointment weights are going to be higher just because of clothing and a day's worth of fluid and food intake!) and I was only up 20 pounds as opposed to almost 30!  That felt darn good (even though 20 isn't great, it's better than 30, LOL!).


I am writing this in this thread even though the chat has moved, that is probably a bad, eh?  So I will stop now :P

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Mamachef - congrats on the good news and I'm so glad your hubby could be there for you.  I'll have to check this week's thread to see if there are any updates.


Basically - for me and my VBAC -- they are only mildly positive because of my first birth experience.  My doctor is 100% behind it if my body can go into labor on its own within hours of my waters breaking.  Last time, my waters broke and I went back to bed and sleep for 6 hours with no contractions.  It took Pitocin to start them and I never progressed beyond 2 cm.  Because of my recent history with hospitalization and IV antibiotics due to major illness (my body was going into sepsis and infection), they wouldn't let me go beyond 24 hours and did a c-section.  Probably good, because the last time I was hospitalized with colon illness was for one week,  2 weeks before she was born, and I had only been off of the oral antibiotics for about three days before she decided to make her appearance.  My white count was in the normal range, but still on the high end...  Hopefully I can pull this pregnancy off without any infection or emergency surgery :-)  So far, so good, but I didn't get sick with Harper until I was in my sixth month -- and then, I had emergency surgery that saved both of our lives... scary, scary times. 

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Let's talk about herbs in the new thread.. dont let me forget.. will post more later.

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