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Who knows their baby is head down?

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At my last mw appointment last week she confirmed what I already thought, that my baby is head down. I feel so relieved not to have that worry in the back of my mind. Anyone else know for sure?

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I know Baby A is and has been for a few months. I think he's too smooshed to go anywhere lol. I think Baby B might be as well but not sure. He was head down for a long time then turned breech last month and then the last week or so has moved again and I think he keeps going from transverse to head down and back.

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mine is also head down, had an u/s at 28 weeks and showed him head down and a midwife appt at 30 weeks where she also said he was head down, 32 weeks now and i'm pretty sure he is still in the same position

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He is at the moment. Who knows about tomorrow. Only a few days ago he was transverse. I can feel it myself, on the outside, I can locate his head and his body. (And I feel where he kicks of course, but he's so strong, so sometimes it's easier to just feel for his head and find out where he is, instead of guessing about kicks vs. pokes.)

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baby a is for sure head down and has been for  a while.

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we are head down as well! She isn't descended all that low yet so I know things can change, but she has been head down for about 2 weeks now.

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Yep...was head down at the 20 week u/s and every apt since then the baby has remained head down.

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Found out on Friday.  Thrilled, because the midwife's assistant got me worried about it at my last appt the 2 weeks prior.  Looking back at the first two didn't help, because they both noticably went upright to vertex at 30 weeks.  (This one was breech/transverse, never upright, since day one.)  Midwife said it's also started to settle a bit, and I'm not feeling as much movement due to the size (I'm 33/34 weeks) so I doubt s/he will be moving back to transverse anytime soon. 

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we're head down...i thought that was the case because i'd been feeling the babe having hiccups down to the right below my belly button...and sure enough the midwife confirmed on friday...


having said that a few weeks ago i know he was transverse at one point, but he's been this way at least a couple weeks...we'll see if he shifts again, or if he's settled in! :)




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my little girl is still flipping around a lot- i wish she would make the dive so that i could have some peace of mind. i am pretty sure that she has been head down a few times, but she moves so much, it still confuses me.

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I has been head down since at least 28 weeks or so.  He/she is in the same position my son was, with his back up against my right side.

But a good friend of mine IRL just had a baby a few few months who was head down until 35 weeks and somehow managed to flip, and she ended up with a c section so

I know things can change.  I'm hoping since I've been told (warned) that the baby is bigger that there won't be a ton of room for a position change.

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My mw said he was head down at my 28w appt.  He's usually in the same position, as far as I can tell, with his back against my left side and the bigger kicks going to my right.   I feel the hiccups a couple times a day and they're way down low so I'm assuming he's still head down. 

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I feel hiccups only down low so yes, head down.

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Started feeling hiccups yesterday very low, so head down thumb.gif

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Baby is head down and has been since early on, baby is also really low. I didn't expect walking to be such a chore already.


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Mine was flipping a lot, but now I think he/she is stuck head down because I noticed last night the rolls were side to side rather top to bottom as they had been a few weeks ago....Also beanie keeps stretching and burying a foot into my right ribs.nut.gif

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Wish my boy would go head down. He is transverse or kind of head down. Has not made the commitment... I keep getting kicked on the right and his head is on the left... Im 32 weeks. Do I need to worry??



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Baby was hiding head down during our 20 week ultrasound and I'm pretty sure has stayed that way ever since (based on kicks and hiccups). My midwife confirmed this last week at my appt. and said that baby was very low. I'm 30 weeks tomorrow.This is great but...


...she also confirmed what I was feeling that baby is also posterior. I'm pretty worried about that. Baby feels as though he/she is very comfy in there and doesn't seem to intend to turn and with being so low, I'm getting worried that he/she is getting to a place where turning will take quite a bit of work.


Both of my other kids were pretty much ROA (head down, anterior and back on my right side) from before now and to the end.

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Head down as of 30ish weeks when I had the Webster technique done. If I lie on my back, I can located the babies head right above my pubic bone and feel on either side of it.  Also, kicks and hiccups are right where they should be.

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wait! count me in! i had an appointment today and she IS head down afterall! i was imagining the body parts all wrong- she is so much bigger than i had let my imagination run. lol- i think they call that denial.....

i hope she stays!

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