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Migraine & UTI...ugh!

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I've had a 2 day migraine & have a UTI. I know I'm supposed to drink a lot, but it can make me nauseous.  Got cranberry caps, herbal tea & cranberry juice.  I was in a lot of discomfort last night & couldn't sleep for a few hours.  I finally took some Tylenol & that helped.  Fatigue doesn't help my migraines either. Waiting for my midwife to call me back to see if she has any recommendations.


And to top it off, DH & I had an argument this morning.  I feel like nothing is going right.  DH has been helping me with chores but is probably expecting a medal now.  I hope I get some relief.


Any recommendations on migraines or UTIs?

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My advice for the UTI is not to eat ANY sugar! Bacteria thrives off of sugar.  This works! I've cured UTI's on my own!


Hope things get better for you soon!

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try Mannose powder. It binds to particles in your urinary tract and lets them pass through. Would post a link for you, but NAK

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Thanks for the  Mannose tip...just bought some at the store.

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