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Baby Boy is here!

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Riordan Quinn is finally here!


Saturday had been a rough day for me. I was 40w5d and that was the longest I had ever been pregnant. I was tired, sore and just feeling done. Very emotional. DH and I had gone to bed fairly late. So it was about 2:30am when I actually laid down for bed. I rubbed my belly and almost begged the baby to come out soon. My body and emotions were starting to wear thin. Then I rolled over and fell asleep.
About 4:30am, I felt this almost painful sensation in my pelvis. My first thought was he’d flipped breech or something. Then I felt a slight gush and knew my water had broken. I woke up DH and told him that it was time. His eyes popped wide open and he said “You’re kidding me. There’s a blizzard going on outside.” Of course, I’m sure that’s why he decided to come out. I waited about 20 minutes to give my midwife, V,  a call since I wanted to give her an idea of what was happening. My contractions at that time were about 4-5 minutes and not very strong. But she said she’d head over as quickly as she could. Around this time, DH took out his copy of "Emergency Childbirth" like he does every birth. Guess it was a good thing since V wasn't going to make it on time.

 After that, my contractions started picking up to about 2-3 minutes apart. I decided to get in the tub. It didn’t help much. I think I got out after a few contractions.  The hard tub was not comfortable at all. I went to sit on the toilet and that’s when I started feeling more pressure. I moved to our sink and told DH I really needed some counter-pressure on my sacrum. The contractions had started becoming nearly unmanageable. One would be ending, just to have the next coming on hard. I was nearly in tears at this point. DH kept telling me how great I was doing and what a warrior I was. I told him I didn’t feel like one at all cause I was barely managing this birth. I was starting to feel nauseous around this point too. I noticed every contraction DH looked ready to catch a baby. Apparently, he was more familiar with my labor/transition cues since I was so far into my labor trance. I decided to kneel down by the tub to see if that would help any. The next contraction I felt a very strong urge to push. I told DH I think the baby is coming. He got ready. The first push he started to crown. The next push, his head was out and then with one final push, he was out in his daddy’s hands. I stood up and DH handed him to me. We looked him over a little and he was crying and getting pink. I went into our bedroom to see the time. It was only 5:37am. DH put a pad on the bed and I laid down. I was exhausted. DH covered us up and went to check out the damage to the bathmat.
Riordan was already licking his lips and rooting around. So I latched him on right away. He is an awesome little nurser. DH cleaned up the bathmat and then we just kind of sat there talking. I think we were both in a bit of shock at how quickly it had happened.  I started feeling crampy again about 6am and knew the placenta was on it’s way. I handed Riordan over to DH and knelt over a chux pad. The placenta came right out.  Right about then, V called to check on us. I told her the baby was already here. She showed up about 10 minutes later. The roads were awful. She is usually only a 35 minute trip away but it took her twice as long to get here. We got the older 3 kids up and introduced them to their new baby brother.  DD cut the cord. They were all fascinated with the placenta. They helped check him over. He was 8lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches. He’s got a head of brownish hair and blue gray eyes. Such a little cutie. I got into the shower to clean up some. Then V checked me out. No tears to be seen and I wasn’t even bleeding that much. Both baby and mom were doing great! He’s a very peaceful baby.  All of us are in total love with him.


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Wow, what an amazing story, I can't believe how fast it happened and how cool your DH was about it, like you guys are UC pros! Congrats, I LOVE his name!!! I love the rocket babies in our DDC, when they decide they're coming, they don't fool around!!! joy.gif

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Oh my gosh. I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!

He's gorgeous. Wow it went so fast! I'm so glad it's over for you. I hope to join you soon.

Well done, you rocked it!

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You are amazing!! What a wonderful birth story!! Thanks for sharing, so glad to hear all is well. 

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that's wonderful! I hope my birth is a easy as you make it sound! enjoy your new little boy.

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He's beautiful, congratulations!

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amazing!!  congrats mama!!

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Wow!  Glad everything turned out so fantastically; that intense of a labor does sound incredibly exhuasting!

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