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frequent BM?

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So I was under the impression that you are suppose to get constipated when pregnant. I am 4 weeks 4 days and I have been having 2-4 bowel movements a day, which is more than usual. This may be TMI but its not diarrhea its just softer bowel movements and more frequent. I feel like every time I eat something it comes right out. Is this normal? Are any of you experiencing this?

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YES! And I did the whole last time I was pregnant. I never had constipation issues at all.

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I was thinking about posting this same thing!! LOL! I usually go every three days or so (I know not healthy) and now it's constant. Weird! I -am- drinking tons of smoothies though with fruit and flax and oatmeal. That's probably why for me. 

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Totally normal.  Anytime I'm pregnant or about to get my period, I also get the softer/more frequent bm's.  It must be a hormone thing cause normally I'm not all that regular.

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Alright that makes me feel better! I do tend to have the same problem around the time I expect my period, so it was making me even more nervous. I'm glad I'm not alone in this!

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Ooh! Thanks for this!  Same here, I feel like I'm always pooping!!  My BFF (who is 24 wks pg) keeps warning me the constipation is coming, don't get used to this, but idk.  It's different for everyone.  And I've heard that it can be iron supplements that can cause it, not just pg itself.

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Yep. I had the constant poops at first. I'm just now moving into constipation territory, I think.

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I wish I had the problem of going more now!  I've had issues with chronic constipation for years, so I've really been worried how I would be during pregnancy. Before the BFP I used to take herbs or a product called oxy powder, but now I've been eating lots of prunes, drinking prune juice, and taking alfalfa (all tips from MDC!).  So far I've been able to go at least once a day, and stools are softer, but most days I feel like I still have to strain to go (I know, TMI).  I also took a product called Natural Calm for the first time last night to see if it helped (so far no noticeable change).


A lot of times I've had a hugely bloated belly from being constipated, so much so that I looked like I was mildly pregnant.  When things are moving well, my tummy is so much flatter.  I can't imagine being that backed up and also having a baby in there-- sounds so miserable.  I'm hoping to do everything possible to prevent that misery!


Now that the pp mentioned it, I have often noticed softer stools during my period as well.  I guess I was always thinking so much about how much my menstrual cramps hurt that I didn't appreciate what the hormones were doing to my BM!

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For the first time ever I am having the opposite problem!  Usually progesterone suppositories give me more frequent bm's, but this time I can't go at all!

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