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22 weeks ZERO weight gain

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I'll be 22 weeks on Tuesday.  I am currently 1 lb under prepregnancy weight.  I was rather sick there for a while but I've been sick only 2-3 times a week for a month now.  My provider says not to worry because there is not protein in my urine (implying the babies are burning my fat).


I am overweight to begin with and I gained zero weight with DD as well.  I would NEVER try to lose weight.  I'm eating lots of protein and fat and trying to hit 3000 calories a day.  After DD's pregnancy it just seems that is what my body does.


However, with twins I'm horribly worried that I'm going to have premies or LBW babies because I'm not gaining.


Anyone else not gain?  What was the outcome?  What can I do to gain more?


ETA:  I have not gained any weight this pregnancy.  My sickness never made me lose weight which I have then gained back, kwim?

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I'm in the exact same situation. 22weeks, no weight gain. I'm hovering right around pp weight, some weeks I gain a bit, then I get really sick again and lose it. It freaks me out! In part, bc I look like a skeleton with a gigantic belly, in part bc of the worry of LBW babes. I'm also worried about how in the world I'm going to be strong enough to make it through a birth...


OTOH, my peri isn't concerned, and I'm trying to be zen about it, too. I mean, you and I both are doing the best we can for these babes and our bodies and nature have to do the rest, you know? It certainly isn't like we're withholding calories from the babes on purpose... My peri likes to reassure me about all the starving women throughout history who have birthed twins and lived to care for them just fine. It probably won't be good for our long-term health, but, I'm hoping the babes are blissfully unaware and unaffected. My peri's thought is that the maternal weight gain thing compared to birth weight sizes a) is a poor study and b) doesn't account for lifestyle factors that are more important.


Hugs. I'm way worried about this, and I'm totally lurking for anwers.

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Has no one had this experience?

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Liora: I gained, but not a whole lot-- I think in part it's because I DID gain a lot through the whole TTC and IVF process, so my body had lots of reserves.  If your doctor isn't worried, and the babies seem to be growing on schedule, and you're making sure to eat enough calories, fat, protein, etc. then I wouldn't worry too much about it right now, as when you have extra weight on your body, that can act as reserves for the babies.  And you may find yourself gaining a lot in the next few weeks.  With some twin pregnancies there seems to be a lot more gain toward the end.  Good luck! 

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I had gestational diabetes, and for a while, I wasn't gaining any weight.  The endocrinologist kept freaking me out because she said that I was jeopardizing my babies by not gaining weight.  My OB wasn't too concerned.  I had weekly ultrasounds, and he said that as long as the babies were growing well, he really didn't care that I wasn't gaining any weight.  My babies were born at 37 weeks, and each weighed 6lbs, 1oz

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Oh thanks so much for the replies!  I have to believe that all I can do is eat right and take care of myself.  I'm trying to be zen about it and hearing your experiences really helps a lot thanks!

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I didn't gain a lot of weight with my twins -- but I did have reserves like others. I shot for whatever Dr. Luke said about nutrition, and I did the best I could. My twins were in a normal weight range when they were born early.

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I had something similar before and my doctor said it was nothing to worry about.

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I didn't gain much (15 lbs ) and my boys were born at 38 weeks at 7 1/2 lbs. each.  I don't know how much my placenta weighed, but I didn't have much of a butt when it was all over! :lol.


I ate using Dr. Luke's guidelines too.  I ate smoothies and eggs, and sunflower nut butter and red meat.  They did great, even without much weight gain!  But I did eat lots of calories each day and tried to make each one count.

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