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Wearing Twins?

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Anyone figure out a way to wear twins simultaneously? Thanks!

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Yep - only way to stay sane! When they were first born, I'd wear them both in a ring sling- both upright with legs in. I could also wear them both in a wrap but didn't use that as much. When they got older (3 months +), I'd wear one on the front in a wrap or mei tei and one on the back in a mei tei. Loved this way and carried them like this all the time until they were at least 2. I could also do 2 hip carries - with 2 pouches or 2 ring slings or one of each but didn't like it as much as I was so wide and didn't feel that I could really do anything!

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Complete with how-to videos.



And another, with sweet pics!

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I think this lady  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UEyvt8RhWQ  did a pretty good job at demonstrating how to use a wrap with twins.  She is using a Dolcino in the video but I used the same technique with a Sleepy Wrap so it should be fine with any of them.

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I used a moby wrap to carry both of mine when they were younger and then moved on to a front/back combination using a wrap or mei tei on the front and mei tei or ergo on the back.  

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I also used a moby to carry both. Their Dad has been absolutely terrific about wearing one and I wear the other. However, I am going to try the moby/ergo combo when I am alone.


Best wishes to you,



PS. I travel with my twins in their mobys (no problems in the airport) and it makes it so much easier! We just add car seat rentals on the other end!


Mommy to Franklin & Callan twins.gif

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This is cool! I have been wondering what it would be like to wear twins. Does your back hurt after wearing them for too long, though?

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I used the moby when they were itty bitty, and an ergo/pouch sling combo later. It is the only way I got anything done!
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While tiny: both in the Moby:






Now larger: in the Mommy Sandwich (This is a Beco butterfly on the back and Babyhawk on the front. I was just testing it out. I purchased and use 2 babyhawks now.)


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And yes, my shoulders get very tired! But it's worth it to keep them both happy for a while.


It makes me remember that I HATED wearing backpacks as a kid. Totally killed my shoulders and neck. But carrying the babies like this is simply a necessity. Hopefully I will get stronger / more used to it as time goes on!

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ShanaV - ooooooh!! Your boys are soooo cute! That first pic of them both in the wrap is incredibly adorable! HOW SWEET!! love.gif

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