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Shining Rivers Waldorf School

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Any mommas take their munchkins there?  My daughter is only 17 months but we're thinking about doing the parent/toddler program over the summer and eventually moving up that way so that she can attend the school.  Any thoughts?  I'm also confused as to whether it goes to grade 5 or 8 - I'm getting both from the website.  Thanks!

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On the St Louis AP list there are several families that send their children there.  Not sure if any of them are members here too.  

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Oh, do you have a link to their page?  I'd be very interested in that group as the drive isn't that far!

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My daughter goes to SRS and we love it. She started in the parent/toddler program, moved to Morning Garden, then two years of Kindergarten, and this year is in first grade. Right now they have a 4th grade class that will move to 5th grade next year.


If you have other questions, I can try to answer them. Also check the calendar or give Mckenna a call and find out when the next Little Red Hen party is, and you can visit, play and check it out.


Kerry, mama to N (almost 7!!) and N (almost 5 months)




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Awesome thank you!  We live in Cape Girardeau so it's a bit of a drive for us to visit atm but I really think it's the school for us.  I'll definitely give them a call and see what we can set up. 

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oh wow, that is a drive:)


My ILs live in cape.


API group





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Are you planning to move to St. Louis? Not only is it a drive to get to and from school, but there are the festivals, volunteering, assemblies, etc that are not during school hours...it becomes more than a school, it is a tight knit community with lots of parent involvement.

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We thought we'd take the drive for the parent/toddler program and if we like it as well as I think we will, we'll be moving up there when we enroll her in the Morning Garden.  There are several houses available very near the school that would work well for us and our family.  Lol, SO is very much not on board - he doesn't want to pay private tuition and he doesn't want to pay to send her to a "flower fairy school".  My tactic is to present him with why this school is wonderful for children and to show him just how much she enjoyed/benefited from the parent/toddler program (as I'm sure she will!).  This school is a dream come true for me - I wanted the benefits of private school without the Christian/Catholic requirement.  Lol, I just can't explain just how amazing and wonderful this school is for me and my daughter and we haven't even gone yet!  At this point (although I haven't said it) it's he agrees to the school and we move up there or DD & I will move by ourselves.  The only thing that will stop us from attending is if she is not accepted.  :)  Thank you for all the info and the links!

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I've been considering Shining Rivers as well. Not to hijack the thread, but I and had a few questions. My daughter is only 9 months, but what can I say, I'm a planner :) I came across something that mentioned tours of the school- is that still offered? What is a Little Red Hen Party?

The tuition scares me, I'm not sure if we can afford it, not to mention when we have more than one!. Are they generous with tuition assistance?

Also, what high school do these children typically go to after SRS?


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Not hijacking at all - my daughter is 17 months and I'm a planner too!  I would love to hear any answers to your questions as they are mine too!

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