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Tongue & Lip Tie- needing good vibes!

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We are getting our 5 mo son's upper lip and tongue tie clipped today.  I am thrilled we may have found the issue we've been having with bf'ing but am just a little nervous and WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU that have had this done or known someone that has that it's helped and is worth it. 


He has a high arched palate, both ties and after much research I don't feel comfortable leaving it alone.  Praying this helps nursing and dissolves any possible future problems that it may have caused if left alone. 


Thank you for posting your words (in advance :))

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I read your other thread and just wanted to offer support. The frenectomy was quick and easy. The palate is still our main problem, and is basically non-treatable, but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now that we've made it over a year. lol

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So you did the frenectomy and did his palate ever widen?  How old was he when you did it?  I've read that cranio sacral can really help open the palate.  What kind of problems are you having with the palate?  Thank you for your words and offering your experience...it helps to know.

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DS was 6 wks when we had his frenectomy with an ENT. I consulted a pediatric dentist re the lip tie, but he didn't seem to think it was severe enough to warrant anesthesia to do the procedure, but we decided that if he has to have any dental work in the future requiring it, we'll do it then because I can already see it's going to cause a huge gap in between his front teeth.


His palate has widened slightly, but not too much. I've been told the longer I breastfeed the more it will come down on it's own, but my goal is only 18 months, since my patience for the discomfort I'm exeriencing while nursing is running low. I just can't take it much longer! It's torture at times! He is still on the end, nursing on the nipple only,and totally refusing to take much, if any, areola into his mouth. <sigh> I am currently looking into cranio sacral therapy as an alternative. 


Coincidently, I was TT (my mom gave up BFing early on) and had/have a high arched, narrow palate. I had to have a palatal expander when I had braces (also had the big gap) as a teenager, so I imagine that'll probably be the case for him too. He's so much alike me, it's scary! 

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Thank you for sharing!  We did both yesterday and are so relieved it is over.  I am so glad we did the lip because it seems now after it's been done that it was actually tighter than the tongue.  Luckily, one of our midwives does CST so she has set up two appts every week for the next few weeks to work on him and hopefully help with his palate.  At least we know that you had the palate expander and it did the trick if our preventative measures don't do enough.  My dad, father to 5 and grandpa to 10, told me after my first cry as a new mom that all you can do is make the best decision you can at the time and not beat yourself up for it.  He said if he had a bruise for every thing he would do different looking back he'd be black and blue and that's no way to live so he lives on the fact that he loved us all and wanted what was best for us with every decision he made.  I like that. 


I too have heard that the longer you nurse the better, but again, easier said than done when it's rough going.  Good luck.  May the palate widening vibes be with us and our little ones! 

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I came on here to post about the procedure for tongue tied babies and to ask for opinions if its safe & worth it but I see that you've posted about it and others have shared their experience.


My pediatrics said it seems like Gabby is tongue tied but wanted me to make an appt with ENT to confirm it and possibly doing the clip procedure.


At this point, I'm really nervous but I really want us (Gabby and I) to have successful breastfeeding experience and if its a safe procedure then I'll go for it.  If its an unnecessary procedure like circumcision, then I won't.


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