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newborn CD questions

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My son is eight weeks old, and we've been using the Kissaluvs size 0 with a variety of covers.  I should actually say we had been using them, because I've gotten so frustrated in the past few days that I've gone back to disposables.  The Kissaluvs were great at first, but lately, he's been leaking through them every.single.time. Which also means that every single time I change his diaper (which I try to do really often, in the futile hope that I can get there before a leak starts), I have to change his clothes.  Ugh.


He is probably about thirteen pounds at this point.  Could he have outgrown them already?  They're so bulky on him already, that I haven't wanted to add an extra liner. 


My second question is more looking ahead - obviously he won't be starting solids for a while, but I'm already wondering if that will eventually be too much for me to handle with CDs.  We live in a two-floor house, but there is no bathroom on the first floor.  We spend most of our day downstairs right now, and I really am having trouble seeing myself changing him, carrying him and the dirty diaper upstairs, disposing of the contents of the diaper in the bathroom, and then coming back down to continue our day.  House layout seems like such a weird thing to be influencing my decision, but realistically, it sounds like an annoying process.  Any tips?  Does anyone else make CDing work without a bathroom right near the changing area? 

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Decide CDing will work and it will.  If you are already second-guessing something that isn't a problem right now, and won't be for months, you will probably continue to have problems.    Thing of all the exercise you'll get up and down those stairs! :)


KS0's aren't all that absorbant, he probably needs a liner.  CD's are bulkier than sposies. 

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Our house is the exact same set-up and we make it work just fine.  I have to go upstairs to lay the baby down for a nap or use the bathroom, so I would just take the diaper up when I was already going upstairs.  Plus, most babies don't poop more than once or twice a day when on solids, so it's not like you're going up and down every hour to clean poop.


It sounds like you need more absorbency or different covers for you diapers if they are leaking all the time.

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I have just one bathroom that's upstairs. I just take DD upstairs to change dirty diapers and change her on the bathroom floor. since starting solids she only has 1-3 dirty diapers a day. for a couple of months is was one every couple of days. also, by the time they're on solids, most moms are okay with letting their kid play on their own for a minute or two while taking care of diapers, so if you really want to change on the main floor, you wouldn't necessarily need to take the baby upstairs with you to deal with the diaper. 

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It sounds like he might have outgrown either the KLs or the covers. Or you need a doubler.


After the KLs do you plan on using pockets? Larger fitteds? Prefolds?


Disposing of 1-2 poopy diapers a day isn't a big deal with solids. If it really worries you, you can find disposable liners. Or only change the 1-2 poopy diapers upstairs and all the rest downstairs. Or get a separate wetbag to store poopy diapers until you can get upstairs.

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I bet he is outgrowing them. my son is 6w, around 10 lbs, and he soaks through the kl0s fairly quickly. if they still fit in terms of the rise, i would add a doubler.

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