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Trouble with Running

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So I'm really determined to get in shape, and today I went out and tested my running abilities. I wasn't out there long, but it was hard on my chest and breathing, I did stop running to catch my breath but then I was at it again. What I'm wanting to know is what can I do to build up my stamina? to get my body used to it? I remember reading on here once about running for 2 minutes...every 30 minutes or something like that, and then building your way up from there. Anyone know what that was? Any help is appreciated. 

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Couch to 5k


This is an awesome program that takes you from not running at all, to running 30 minutes straight in about 9 weeks.  It really works. 


The trick is to go slow.  Most people, when they start running start out way too fast.  Running is a gait, not a speed.  Humans have two gaits, walking and running.  Walking is where you have at least one foot on the ground at all times.  Running is when you have both feet off the ground (for however briefly).  To give you an example, I am recovering from a stress fracture.  I was able to participate in a triathlon I had trained for months for, but had to walk the 5k, not run it.  I was walking very quickly, and managed to maintain around a 13:00 pace.  My first 5k, I ever ran was around a 12:00 pace, so not very much faster.  


You should be able to breathe and carry on a conversation comfortably.  Otherwise, you are going too fast.  


Good luck!

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I just wanted to nod.gif to everything Bec said!


Try to be consistent and patient. As you get through the weeks, it's a great feeling to look back and see how far you have come. Good luck!

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yeahthat.gif  Yup- just what they said.  Go download some Couch to 5k podcasts and start from there.  Don't rush it, and have fun!

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Couch to 5K has a lot of success for people.   Plus it basically tells you what to do which takes the guess work out of it.  Some folks need that.

I never used the program myself....just because I hadn't heard of it.   But when I started - I would put my ipod in and run for a song.  I remember the day I could run for an entire 3 minute song without stopping!   I would run for a song and then walk for a song.   Now I can run for hours without stopping. 


But good for you for running!  It is the best thing you can do for yourself....

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I just finished the Couch to 5K program the other day.  I have tried running so many times and so many different ways, including having a friend who runs 8k a day try to train me.  None of it work.  The Couch to 5K did though :)  So far anyway.  lol  Good luck!

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