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Left in limbo

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I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and they measured my gestational sac but were unable to find the baby.  They told me that it was probably too soon and they never do ultrasounds that early.  (then why did they scedule me for one?)  Anyway, the nurse told me that most of the time they have to search and search for it because it is so small and sometimes they can't find it.  Now this is a pregnancy support center run by the church that basicly does free pregnancy tests and convinces women to not get abortions.  The nurses there also don't have very much ultrasound experience.  So, they offered to do a 2nd ultrasound 2 weeks later. 


The next one they did, it was a different nurse.  She spent a half hour doing a vaginal ultrasound and looking at a mass of water (not my gestational sac) and panicing because it wasn't round.  Then she did more searching and found my actual gestational sac.  She spent 2 min measuring it and it measured about right, 2 weeks later.  She didn't even search around for the egg or the fetal pole or the heartbeat!  She just told me that she should see a heartbeat right away so there might be something wrong.  This completely contradicted what the last nurse told me and she was there for that ultrasound. 


I feel like I am left in limbo right now.  I have no idea what is going on.  She told me to keep my appt with my midwife and talk to her about it because she "isn't a doctor" and "isn't god"  She said there is no rush to see a dr if I haven't had any bleeding or cramping.  Now I have to wait another week to talk to someone about what is and isn't normal.   I am kicking myself for having an ultrasound this early.  I know it isn't usually done and if my pregnancy is in fact normal than I have been through this roller coaster for nothing.  If it isn't viable I will have to deal with that when it occurs.  I have talked to my step mother who used to be an ob nurse and she also told me I shouldn't give up hope and that not seeing anything that early is pretty normal especially if they have outdated equiptment. 


I just wanted to vent a bit because I am really uncomfortable talking about this with anyone irl except my partner and I am really trying to stay positive for the sake of both of out sanity. 

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I'm so sorry that you didn't get clearer information. When is your MW appt.? Any chance it could happen sooner? It is always nice to talk with someone you trust. Keep us posted! It sounds encouraging to me that the sac she did measure was developing well. Sarah*



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hug.gif  It sounds like she had no clue what she was doing.  Is there any way you could see someone else sooner?  I know from experience that waiting can be agony. 

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