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Hi Jamie:


I have been thinking about asking you this question for a few weeks, so here goes... I totally thought that I was pregnant again this month, but it turns out that I was not. I mean, I really didn't have any symptoms or anything, I just felt like that in my heart and my head.


When will I get pregnant again? (notice I am thinking very positively by asking "when" instead of "if" redface.gif - I am hoping that is a step in the right direction). I know I am only supposed to ask one question, but if you see anything that I could do to enhance my fertility and help me get (and, of course, stay) pregnant, I would love to hear about it.


Thanks for you help, it has really given me quite a lot of comfort.


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It feels to me like February. There is another child for you. hug2.gif

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Thanks Jamie. Wow, that is soon. Exactly what I wanted to hear! I have something to look forward to.

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