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Miracle Sleep fix!!!

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DS (17mo)  has had a few tough weeks with teething, lots of night waking, night nursing etc. He's high needs at the best of times and when tired..eeech!! Well just as the last teeth were finishing coming through our bedtime routine suddenly stopped working. We've spent 8 months with a consistent routine and suddenly he's back to needing to be rocked and taking 2+ hrs to go to sleep and waking as soon as we put him down after hours of rocking!! And horrible early am crying spells that boob couldn't fix.

So I was chatting to my bro who was telling me about his sleepless nights due to a neck injury from snowboarding and the penny dropped  - DS had taken a decent tumble around the time the sleep routine fell apart. I palpated his spine and he was out in 2 spots. So yesterday I took him to the chiropractor and last night it was like the nightmare never happened - dinner, bath, bed, sleep when his head hit the pillow. And no nightwakings! And today at naptime he was asleep before his head hit the pillow!! Hope this helps someone - kids fall down so often its easy to overlook this when searching for answers.

PS Be sure it is a good chiro with paediatric training - ask other mums, friends etc. I do massage and have worked for some quacks but a good one can work miracles!

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That's great!


I had my dd adjusted when she was three days old and would NOT nurse on my left side - I'd try and try and by the time I'd given up and switched to the right, she was too mad and the whole thing ended in disaster (she's my only one so I was learning it all too)


But one visit from the chiro (yes SHE came to ME, and on Christmas eve no less! - she was good friends with my midwife) and my baby was all set - she came back for another visit maybe? a week later....


It made ALL the difference in our nursing relationship and made for a much happier christmas for us all...


DD went on to nurse happily for 2 1/2 more years :)

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