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UTI Medications Safe?

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Hi all,


Well, my doctor called today and told me that my tests show I have a UTI. I had no idea - no symptoms at all beyond that I have to pee often. Well, I had attribued that to pregnancy :)


I didn't catch the name of the drug she's prescribing for me (I was on my cell phone in a bad reception area) but I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow. In your opinions, is taking antibiotics to clear up an asympomatic UTI safe during pregnancy? I'm 8 weeks along tomorrow.


If you recommend against antibiotics, what do you recommend to clear up the UTI? Keeping in mind that I won't really know if I have cleared it up or not as I currently have no symptoms.

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Was your antibiotic prescribed by your primary doc or your ob/mw?  I had one prescribed 1st tri by my primary office and I was unsure about taking it.  I called my mw and she said there was something safer I could take and called in a script for that.  If your ob/mw gave it to you, I would think it would be ok.

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i was prescribed 100mg macrobid. the morning after i started taking them, i had a secondary infection. i have stopped taking the antibiotic and began taking cranberry supplements and drinking loads of water. i was told a secondary infection couldnt be treated before 12 weeks..

not sure if this is the best thing to do- but i feel fine and no longer have symptoms of either infection.

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The meds were prescribed by my family doctor, but she knows I'm pregnant and confirmed how far along I am before deciding on a medication. Her office deals primarily with families and deals wih a lot of pregnant women.


mammabear, do you feel hat the antibiotic caused the secondary infection? Or just that it won't help treat it?

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i am pretty sure the antibiotic did cause the secondary infection- the timing of how the secondary came about- and i had been fine before taking the antibiotic...

i wasnt sure what was the ideal thing to do in the situation- but the NP i saw pretty much said i had to suffer through the secondary infection because there was nothng to do to treat it...sooo i went to what i believed was the root of the problem and eliminated that- the antibiotic. no way was i going to suffer when i knew i could take something else to treat the UTI that would not throw me off like that!

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Okay the prescription is for cephalexin. I looked and I can't find any horror stories online about using it during pregnancy (I figured there'd be at least a few). Anyone had to take this med while pregnant?

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I am a LLL Leader and I have the Hale Medications and Mothers Milk book which summarizes all the info for studies done on safety of breastfeeding and pregnancy and meds. I will PM you the info....

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