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How much does your 9 month old weigh?

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DD hasnt been to the doctor in a while, and Im not planning on taking her until after the holidays. I havent gotten a weight for her on a good scale in about a month, but her weight gain has slowed drastically since her 6th month. At 6 months she weighed 13.8lbs, and now at just 6 days shy of 9 months she weighs only 15 lbs. (That weight was taken yesterday at the vet....my dog was there and I plopped her on the scale just to see.). At 6 months she was in the 10th percentile for both weight and height, which my ped said was fine. However, now she has gotten a lot taller, so Im wondering what to expect at the next appointment. She looks totally healthy. She has chubby thighs and cheeks. She seems totally fine to me, but all the time I hear "Oh my gosh she is SO tiny" when I tell people how old she is. She was 6.11lbs at birth.


So, how big is/was your babe?

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Well, my babe is 8.5 months but was also on the 10th percentile curve for weight at her last appointment. If I recall correctly from looking at the chart, the curve drops drastically after 6 months. It was nearly a straight diagonal up before 6 months, but after 6 months it flattens considerably. So I wouldn't worry quite so much about her slower gain!

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Mine is 20lbs at 7 months, but she was 9.2 at birth. My babies are all tremendous.

There weight definitely slows down dramatically. I think for mine it slows down when they start crawling (which doesnt happen till around 10 months). They definitely do go through spurts where they stretch and have no weight gain.

As long as you are nursing on demand and there are plenty of wet diapers, she is growing how she is supposed to.

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My EBF baby also went from gaining up to 4 pounds a month at 6 months, to only gaining a few over the last 5 months. She's still in the same percentile. I also know some friends who had babies that literally stayed the same from 1 year to 2 years... but are happy and healthy. Right now my little one is STRETCHING like crazy.. fun to see.

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My 9 month 2 week old was weighed in yesterday at 17.15 ounces. 2lbs and a quarter more since she was 6mths. That put her in the 25 percentile. She was 8lbs 12oz at birth.

For height she is in the 10 percentile.

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DS is 9.5 months and weighed in at 20lbs 14.5oz at his 9month check up on December 2nd.  He was 58th percentile for weight, 78th for height (he's 29inches tall) and 90th something for his melon. ;)

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she was 17 lba.  i just go by the WHO charts which puts her about 50%

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DS was 20lbs at 9 months.


DD was about 16lbs though - she was in the 10th percentile from about 4 months until 5 years - she then jumped to 25th percentile, and I suspect she's jumped again since she grew over an inch in the past 2 months. It can suck to have a small baby/toddler - everyone comments on it. It's even worse when they're a preschooler and they actually understand what people are saying. It'll be even worse when DS overtakes her, which at this rate should be in the next year or so :P


Interestingly, her ped (very old school) kept predicting doom and gloom and wanting her to do tests etc because she was so small (even though she clearly takes after DH, who is 5'5"). Our new GP however, shrugged, said "someone has to be at the bottom and she's clearly healthy in every respect". I'm sticking with this guy.


There's a tribe here on MDC for small/skinny babies if you find you want support in this.

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Hey! They definitely level off somewhere around 6 months..

at 6.5 months my (vet-weighed) DS was at 21 lbs and now at almost 8 months is only at 23 lbs (only.. HA! *insert hysterical laughter here).. he's still 95% BF with the other 5% made up of veggies and soaked kamut puffs..


but really now.. I'll second the comment that as long as you feel that she's ok (eating well, lots of wet diapers) then she's probably a-ok!

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My DS is a bit of an outlier - he was 25 lbs at nine months, but he has always been a 97th percentile kind of kid. But I wanted to add that his weight gain did slow way down after six or seven months. He was 22.5 lbs at six months (the height of his chubbiness - he was actually off the chart at this point) and he only gained about half a pound between nine months and one year. So I wouldn't necessarily worry about not seeing a lot of gain at this point.
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Originally Posted by Perdita_in_Ontario View Post


There's a tribe here on MDC for small/skinny babies if you find you want support in this.

I'm interested! Where is this tribe? smile.gif

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My 9 mo is 14 lbs some oz? She has been this weight since the 6 months well baby visit. She may have gained some ounces, but she's still 14lbs. Not sure what percentile she's in. Our dr wants her weight checked in another month. Her head and length had increased similar to the other times. She weighed 7lbs 4 oz at birth. The dr said that breastfed babies level off at a certain point and don't gain as much as ff babies. She's not really eating much food, except for avacado and broccoli so far.

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