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torn between choices

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Hi Jamie,


I recently came to the decision not to have another child and now I am not sure.  I'm concerned I'm making this decision out of fear and do not want to have regrets. There is also a part of me that longs to go back to work to contribute financially and grow in a different way.  I've always wanted two children, but there are many "practical" reasons to stick with one.  I feel like I'm in a tug of war inside and having a tough time sorting this out.  Do you see me having another baby?


Thank you so much for any insight.


~ Heather


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Hi Heather,


Actually I do see you with another child. But I think it will be some time due to this uncertainty you are feeling. I think you will stick with this decision to not to have another one. But when there is about 4 years between the kids, I think you will get pregnant. Possibly not on purpose. So there will be about 5 years between the kids.

Anyhow, go forward in your decision. I know it is a big one and it does matter. But at the same time your family does not depend on whether you have another child or not. You are already a complete family. Eventually another one may complete you even more, but in the meantime you are certainly not lacking in completeness or anything else as the family that you are with one child.

Go forward in your life. Make choices that feel right to you at this present moment. Enjoy what you have and enjoy what will be when the time comes.


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I am pleased at what you picked up.  I feel free to let the need to decide go for now and pursue new avenues of experience.  I can also see how not stressing about it and staying open to possibility will allow for the best outcome and most happiness no matter what happens.  Thank you, Jamie.

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You are very welcome. Peace to you.

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