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what's on your needles right now?

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 I just finished a jacket and wondered what to work on next. I have a few projects in mind but thought I should look around the house and see what else might be on needles just waiting to be finished. Here is what I found:


- a sweater that only has one sleeve to go

- half of a sock (first in pair)

- half of another sock (different yarn and pattern altogether)

- 2 scarves, both nearly done

- a snowman - part of a set I was going to finish as a Christmas gift this year. I think there is still time.

- a vest

- a sweater that just needs to be steeked and sewn up

- another sweater that has been abandoned for 3 or 4 years and only has about 6" to go



I am thinking starting a fresh project might be a bad idea redface.gif


I think I will finish the snow-family and the sweater with only a sleeve to go. Then I will start something new - I promised my best friend's kids that I would make them thrummed socks for Christmas and each pair should only take a day or two so I think I can actually do it.


Today is December 15. Maybe my knitting New years resolution should be to finish all of those projects above by January 15 and then I can have a fresh start and knit whatever I like!



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Half a dishcloth, and I found one half of a pair of mittens.


You'd think with 10 days to go, I could finish THOSE....

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I want to steek!


On my needles-

-two rows and kitchner left of the socks I'm trading for massage and energy work

-a shrug for myself

-a cabled cardi for my nephew

-colorwork hat

-photography prop blanket I'm trading for handmade shoes


I had a few other things going but ripped them out - another pair of socks, another hat, another cardi.

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On my needles is a super boring beige speckled scarf!  Zzzzzz....but my mom picked out the yarn and asked for a scarf so what's a gal to do!?!


Surprisingly, that is all I have on needles!

Next up -- fingerless gloves!!


Happy knitting!

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Replying just to say that I want to steek too. I never have, and there's something magical about it. 


On my needles: 


The second of a pair of fingerless gloves for my DS. It should take less than an hour to finish, but it's been there for weeks because it's such a pain. The yarn is too thick, and I'm using smaller needles to adjust the gauge and that's not worked out so well. The yarn is black, so it's pretty boring to work with. Last night I finished all of the little finger stubs and now I just have to knit the body and cuff. 


I sooooo want to move onto a pretty cowl but I won't let myself because I'll never finish these gloves if I start something else. 


Thanks for letting me vent about it a little redface.gif ! 


ETA: DD is knitting 2 scarves right now, 1 for each grandma. I've been helping her out a little because she decided to try some new stitches. I warned her that it was a bad idea to try something new in December, on gifts, but she decided to try anyway. I think she'll finish them in time. 

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I've got lots of things on the needles but the only thing I'm actively knitting on is the Hemlock Ring Blanket. It's a fun pattern and I always forget how much I love EcoWool.

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On my needles is a gorgeous Ribbed cowl for myself, for next winter lol.gif IT WILL be finished by then! Hoping to get it done by boxing day!

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Fingerless mitts for DH in Knitpicks Stroll sportweight--just need to finish one thumb, which is giving me trouble for some reason.


Knitting Pure and Simple top-down hoodie tunic for both dds (they can wear the same size, so they share most of what I knit for them).  I'm making is short-sleeved for layering.  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in a beautiful hyacinth color.


same for DS, but long-sleeved in a heathered dark brown (also KP WOA).  I love KPS patterns.  So easy to adapt, and no seams!  This will be my fifth time knitting this pattern.


I have a few things to finish up odds and ends on, and will probably start something else just because that's what I do.

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My travelling project is socks for DD.

I have a vest for DS about 1/3 done.

I need a new hat and a cowl.


With the exception of the travelling project which I take places like the kids' hockey games, church etc, the other stuff probably won't get touched for a while. We're putting our house on the market in less than a week and are doing a major purge/pack/clean/paint at the moment.

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Wool slippers for baby

Half a dishcloth

I think that's it... I had to finish a ton of projects for Christmas so I have much fewer than normal!

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I have two projects right now- a hair scarf for me and a cotton rug for the playroom.

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OOOH, can you post a link to the hairscarf pattern please??

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