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Hm...I was trying to say that I agree with the previous poster that the differences between these lists are one huge reason to buy used!  My lists are different for both of my babies too!  You never know...

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I think the best advice is to not get trapped into thinking you need to purchase absolutely everything before the baby arrives.  It is actually pretty easy to go shopping with a newborn - way easier than with a 2yo!


I actually did really need some of the "baby holders".  My DD always wanted to be at least somewhat upright so she could look around and hated being put on her back.  We also have two large dogs, and although they are extremely docile and gentle I was afraid they might accidentally step on her or something if I just laid her on a blanket on the floor.  So we got a lot of use out of the bouncy chair and then the exersaucer. 


And definitely buy used where you can.  DD loved, loved, loved the exersaucer but only for a few months.  I know a lot of MDC mams don't like them, but my kid wanted me to basically hold her up to stand all day long.  She wasn't much of a cuddler but wanted to stand up and jump.  There is no way my arms could hold out all day!  But as soon as she started crawling and pulling to stand she didn't want to go in it anymore.  I am really glad we didn't pay full price for it. 


We had a travel system given to us and I wish I had a nicer stroller.  I would still want a bucket seat though, because it was super handy during a Canadian winter.  I would maybe see if I could borrow one though, because again it is only used for a few months. 


I wish I didn't spend so much money on breast feeding stuff until breast feeding was established.  I was so excited to nurse, and bought a chair, pillow, breast pump, covers, bras, etc.  At least $500 worth of stuff.  And then I had a baby who absolutely, despite all attempts, refused the breast.  And I am not talking poor latch, I am talking totally screaming her little head off while pushing away from my breast.  So I had to pump for her, but couldn't even use the pump I had because I needed to establish my milk supply and had to rent a hospital grade one instead. 

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So happy I bought:

Baby bouncy seat. Both my kids napped in them in the living room during the day (DS is napping in his now curled up in a wool blanket!)

Merry Muscles jumper. Yes many are anti, but my DS is obsessed with "standing" and so a few minutes in this throughout the day = him squealing with delight. We have it attached from the ceiling, and he happily bounces away. This was a little more pricey than any of the bouncer things, but I think it's wonderful (and was made by a physical therapist)


Things I could live without

Baby tub. I had one of the flimsy ones and it just gave me panic attacks, and I bought the tub that resembles...a bucket? And my DD liked it but DS was like "I'm standing, sorry momma.." And so he and I shower  and it's collecting dust (which reminds me, freecycle!)




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Glad I had:

Dresser/changing table combo. I've used it with all my kids and it holds all their clothes and diaper supplies. Plus, when we're all done with diapers, the changing table part comes off.


Double Stroller. As much as I loved my sling, after I had more than one kid, that stroller went everywhere.


Crib.  After about nine months of age, my dd refused to co-sleep.  We all slept better in our own space.


Vibrating bouncy seat.  All my kids napped in that thing and often slept half the night in it too.


Britax carseat.  So much easier to install and fasten the kid into it than cheaper ones.


Scenara carseat.  Not really that expensive, but sooo much easier to take on planes.  It's lightweight and you can carry it with one hand.  The Britax was just too heavy for plane travel.


Glad I didn't buy:


Highchair.  They take up so much space so I bought a booster seat instead.  You can push it right under the table.


Toddler bed.  I just put the crib mattress on the floor and let the kids sleep on that for a year.  They did fine switching to a regular bed after that.


Swing.  My kids never wanted to stay in them that long and they take up too much space.


Diaper genie.


Activity seats. 

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Wish I never bought: A crib, swing


LOVED: Sling, mei tai, double stroller for places like the zoo and airport (my kids are 23 months apart) Britax carseat 


The jumperoo was nice, but not essential. Same with the baby bouncy seat thing. Neither of my kids were too into those, but it did give me a safer place to put dd down while I chased DS. 

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Things we liked: 


- I'm glad we had a swing, it helped with both babies. 

- The bicycle seat was terrific too, once they were a little older. 

- A good quality stroller was really important. We walked everywhere and I put miles on it everyday. 


Things we never used: 


-Baby bathtub 



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Glad I bought:

Changing Pad instead of separate changing table

Exersaucer - dd1 loved it

Bouncy seat - she lived in it while I ate and showered

Breast pump - would not have been able to breastfeed much out of the hospital without it

Boppy - 100x easier than adjusting pillows

Cloth diapers - wish I had tried them sooner, but I'm glad I bought them

Play Mat - I paid too much for it, but I don't regret buying it


Wish I had bought:

Decent stroller(s) instead of dealing with crappy gracos

Video monitor - they always left me wondering if they were just stirring or waking up


Total waste:

Expensive crib bedding

Wipes Warmer


highchair - it was a "fancy" one with all the options gifted by my MIL, the "luxury" options were the biggest PITB.  We'll be getting just a plain restaurant style highchair this time


diaper genie - I insisted I wanted the one that could use regular garbage bags, but MIL and dh insisted the genie would be better since it was better known. She bought one refill and it came with one, I bought one when those ran out and after that I got tired of paying $5 for garbage bags.  It was a total pain to change and by the time I had my second, they were changing the genie (and it's refills) so it was basically worthless.


Glad I didn't buy:

Expensive crib or other baby furniture

Britax carseats - I was tempted several times, but our Evenflo ones are just as safe and work great

Nursing stool - I tried one out in BRU after hearing all the bfing experts say it's a must, but didn't notice a difference


Um yeah, I pretty much bought every baby gear item out there.  I was a total suckerwink1.gif




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I resisted the urge to buy stuff, aside from essentials like a carseat, prior to DS's birth.   I am so glad I waited before making the big purchases. 




a bassinet.  I just assumed I would put DS in his room for naps.  Ha!  I wanted him within arms reach at all times.  DH immediately ran out to get a bassinet for the first floor and was so pleased that it had wheels so we could just push a napping DS from room to room.



travel system type of stroller

a traditional highchair




a very expensive pack and play, used it twice




valco stroller.  DS loved it, DH loved pushing it.  So many happy memories attached to that stroller that I cried when I gave it to a friend.  We used it all the time.  It was great off road, awesome for the sidewalks.  I miss those days.

bouncy chair.  We used it outside all the time.  DS loved facing us to interact

Svan chair

having a daybed in DS's room (we didn't co-sleep until later) I liked having a comfortable sleep to sleep in his room.  I would nap in there and occasionally sleep there.

backpack carrier that got us out into nature.

a not-a-diaper-bag diaper bag.  I am still using the leather tote I purchased for a diaper bag 5 years later.



The matchy-matchy crib and daybed bedding.  Spent so much money on looks.

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Everything we got right away either boughten or gifts I am glad we got from the crib, travel system, bouncer seat and swing. They have all been handy in their own ways. 

I am glad we got the changing pad thing for the dresser. I didn't think it would be needed but I love it and DD loves it too. She is always so happy when we lay her down to change her or get dressed. 


I do wish I would have gotten a better breast pump and a hands free for it. But overall the one I have does just fine for what I need. 


I wish I never spent the money on carriers and wraps. DD hates them and I just overall didn't care for them either. I really wanted to carry her but she just wasn't going to have it. 

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I'm glad we bought:


Boppy - helped for feedings, and just lounging around

Frame stroller - so much easier than the bulky graco stroller when we go shopping (I have twins so I can wear one and put one in the carrier)

Crib - we have our girls sleeping together in one crib and it has worked really well for us

Double Jogging Stroller - I live in Florida so I can run outside most of the year, this thing is great!

Bouncy chair - for some reason, my girls prefer to be bounced to sleep instead of cuddled or rocked...so we feed, swaddle, and it's into the bouncer til they fall asleep

Changing table with drawers - like others have said, it's a perfect dresser

Moby wrap


Wasted money on:

Swing - luckily we realized that ASAP and returned it

gDiapers - they just did NOT work for us and my Mom (who watches my twins while I'm at work) refuses to use them, so I have like $200 in fairly new gDiapers just sitting around

Bjorn - luckily we were gifted one also, realized it was nothing special, and returned the one we purchased new.

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Next baby, I'm buying better quality diapers right away.


And getting professional help installing a diaper sprayer if necessary (things were stripped on my toilet so I couldn't install the diaper sprayer I bought)


I'll also buy clothes sooner. Once Upon a Child has absolutely everything, but I don't seem to get there until after dealing with the hassle of not having enough of whatever it is.


Good carseat, good stroller, been very helpful.


Not having a crib, pack'n'play, or swing saved wasted space.


I did have a good pump, lent from dh's cousin, but I couldn't figure it out so it was useless.

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My nursing pillow.  I bought the more expensive model and it got a lot of use.

My carriers: Used them with both kids.  Saved my sanity

My Graco travel system:  I know lot of people hate theirs but I have a very bad back and the ultra light Metrolight stroller is fabulous.  I later bought a Phil and Teds and I STILL prefer my Metrolight.

My heavy duty baby bathtub.  It had a drain at the bottom and it fitted perfectly on our bathroom counter.  Fill with the hand-held shower and drain out into the sink basin.  My kids still splash in it out in the backyard in the summertime, and they're 3 and 5!


Wasted money on:

A rocking baby seat.  I had a cheap one that didn't hold up to Dd's massive baby weight (20lbs by 4mo), so we bought a more hefty, expensive baby seat.  Turned out that by that time Dd didn't want to sit anymore.


A new playpen.  My mom bought this for us and Dd#2 absolutely HATED it.  Never spent more than 5 minutes in it.  Such a waste.:(


There were other baby things that we bought and used over the years that one could argue that we didn't get full use out of.  However, I'm pretty good at buying things used and selling for them for the same money, so nothing lost.


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I am SOOOO glad I splurged on a nice woven wrap. ds is almost three and I can still wear him comfortably. I kind of cringe when I think back to my pregnancy and how I wanted a Moby but thought that $30 was too much money.

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* wipe warmer. Daughter born in November --- chilly monkey!

* sling (I eventually ended up with a long, knotted woven scarf)

* good, wooden high chair

* disposable nursing pads -- I was a Holstein for years!



* fancy crib

* bathtub that goes inside the regular bathtub

* tons of fancy baby clothes

* formula Just In Case

* changing table

* lanolin.

* walker, bumbo, etc.



* clothes for when they were older -- always wrong season

* bottles, pacifier, extra diaper bags, baby grooming supplies, baby lotion

* hot sling, Baby Bjorn-like carrier

* pack n play

* a Rainforest Jumparoo

* crappy, cheap toys

* IKEA crib, which we're now using as a toddler bed

* freezer thingies for teething

* mesh bags for eating frozen stuff




* temporal thermometer -- never, ever had to stick something up her butt!!

* Boppy. We nested in that thing for the first 9 months.

* baby blankets

* infant gowns

* a comfy chair for a nursing nest

* diaper genie

* jarred organic baby food

* kid-co food grinder - she started grabbing food off my plate at 4 months, so I just ground pieces of my dinner up for her during dinner

* Graco Travel System -- still using the stroller, at 3!

* carseat mirrors

* sound baby monitor

* zip-up fleece wearable blankets


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It's interesting how some of the lists are quite opposite from each other.  I buy used things most of the time, like from yard sales and the swap meet.  I have always bought new car seats for safety reasons, but even then you don't need the top-of-the-line fancy ones in order to be safe.


Thing I loved:

Maya wrap sling - it fit well, versatile, used the tail for a nursing cover.  I "wore" fussy ds for well over a year.  Couldn't have lived without it.

Swing - didn't use it often, but once in a while I liked to take a shower with an option aside from getting the sling wet or hearing ds scream. eyesroll.gif

Stroller and toddler safety harness - allowed my toddler some choices in public since I had my hands full of baby


Things I should have had:

An infant car seat - I tried to save money with a convertable since I didn't want to carry the "baby bucket" anyway, but babies are more comfortable in an infant seat.

A good breast pump - didn't have the money for a nice one, but the cheap manual one I bought was painful to use and I ended up supplementing with formula for a while. greensad.gif


Things I never used:

Bouncy seat, baby "walker", baby monitor, pacifiers, pacifier thermometer, nursing pillow (never figured out how to use it), baby bathtub

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Things I've loved:

a nice baby swing

ergo and baby bjorn

cosleeping bolster pillow thing


breastpump (medela pump in style)


infant gym (with the dangling toys and such)

breastfriend pillow



things I could've done without:

bumbo seat


$20 a piece sleep sacks


crib for infant---but invaluable for my toddler

play pen (oh he hates the baby jail!)

water floatie pool thing, also a hate, too confining for my little monster

rug for his room- giant cat bed, nuff said

baby monitor

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Things that were winners:


The pack n play. I never thought we would use it, but it's been so handy! We used it as a place to nap during the day, and then as a changing table/clothes hamper after that. It's basically our 'baby station' downstairs; and keeps everything else nice and neat. We have one at grandmas that holds all his changing stuff and toys and they use it as a crib and a safe place to put him a way from the dog. I'm glad that I'll have ot for #2 to put her down for naps without worry of her being poked and prodded by my son.


Papasan chair. DS loved this thing! He could see us and we could see him. He was high needs, so never content to be more than a few feet a way, an this made eating possible for us.


Baby hammock. The only way we got any sleep.


Rocker/Glider. The only way we got any sleep after ds outgrew the hammock.


Moby wrap. I got this at 5 weeks, and wish I had gotten it sooner.


Prefolds/flats. We don't cloth diaper (we planned to, so we have a bunch of these). We still used these so much... leaking breasts, puke, pee, poop, milk in all stages of digestion. It's so nice to have a big stack that you can just wipe up a spill and then toss it into the hamper.


Things that were busts:


Swing. DS hated that thing

pump-- i wish I had splurged for the freestyle.

crib- we bought used, but still 200 dollars for a crib, plus 70 for the mattress, plus 20-30 bucks for sheets. Never been used.

Anything for the nursery. DS hardly goes in there.

I'm glad that we didn't get fancy clothes. DS refuses to wear them.

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Things I'm glad I bought:

* An Ergo but wishes I discovered it before DD was over 6 months.

* Our Kolcraft stroller that allowed DD to face me when we walked outside.

* Rainforest Bouncy Seat and Swing

* Organic washcloths and crib sheets


Things I wish I never owned:

Baby Bjorn


Things I'm glad I didn't purchase:

* Diaper Genie

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How could I have forgotten the Diaper Genie!?!?!!?  What a waste!


DH saw it at a baby big box store and thought we had to have it.  I was suspicious from the beginning.  I used it for a while but really disliked.  DH never got the hang of it.   The container would fill up and neither of us wanted to empty it.  After about 4 weeks, we just got in the habit of taking out the trash every day. 


I also thought those mesh sacks with handle would be the greatest thing ever.  DS tried it for all of 3 seconds before rejecting it forever. 

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I bought two expensive things with my dd and they were absolutely essential, a nice backpack carrier from REI and a good electric pump.  I used the backpack carrier until my dd was four and she was so tall it got to uncomfortable for me to use it (I am not tall at all). 

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