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Milk drying up questions?

Poll Results: How far along were you when your milk dried up?

  • 11% (1)
    Early 1st trimester
  • 22% (2)
    Late 1st trimester
  • 33% (3)
    second trimester
  • 0% (0)
    third trimester
  • 33% (3)
    don't know/ didn't happen
9 Total Votes  
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For those of you who breastfed while pregnant, how did you know your milk was gone?

When did it happen (how far along were you)?

Did nursling get upset or act as if nothing happened?

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i'm not sure exactly when my milk dried up for the most part, but i know it was somewhere around 20ish weeks. my ds dropped his number of nursings, but other than that he remained unphased and continued to nurse throughout the pg. i know he'd get a tiny bit, and then at some point i started to make colostrum so he got a bit more.

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I'm 27 weeks, and my milk hasn't dried up, but it made the switch to colostrum. gradually the milk decreased (starting at a few weeks) and the consistency, taste, and color turned to that of colostrum. I make a lot of colostrum while pregnant, so there's still a decent bit of volume there, enough to feel engorged if I don't nurse DD at her normal times. she hasn't cared about the change in taste, she does nurse less, but I think she would be nursing less if I wasn't pregnant too, just moving on to her toddler schedule. 

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I'm 16 weeks and my milk hasn't dried up but I definitely have less.  I'm sure there's still something there and I think it's at least partly colostrum since I don't feel uncomfortable and dd is still happy, but I can't express even a few drops easily whereas even a month ago I could.  As far as I can tell the drop has happened slowly.  From what I've read if you lose do your milk it generally happens by 4 months.

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about 12-14 weeks is when it dried up completely with both of my pregnancies .. i had a supply dip at first and then the real discomfort while nursing and total lack of swallowing that signaled my milk drying up happened right 12-14 weeks ... neither of my kids really cared when the milk dried up,, but when it came back my ODD was super excited (at 25 months) and my DS (28 months) did not care or act like he even noticed ..

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Mine hasn't completely dried up, but I had 2 big drops, one when I got pregnant and then around 18 weeks or so. I think I have just enough to flavor the nipple while she nurses ;)

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