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HELP! I have a brand new, very expensive, front loader that I just used to wash a sweater from the thrift store that smelled like moth balls. The sweater still smells and so does my washer. AGHGHGH! What to do?

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I picked up a skirt like that for dd's halloween costume. I just kept throwing it back into the wash till it finally came out smelling  clean .You could try a soak in detergent and/or oxiclean.

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Here's what I do when my front loader is stinky....


-leave the door open (to dry out the inside between uses)

-place a dish of baking soda in the washer

-wash a load with oxyclean or Bac-Out


As far as the sweater goes, maybe stick it in a bag and 'toss' with baking soda.  I've done this with stinky yarn and it worked great. 

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I threw out the sweater... I will try oxyclean tomorrow!

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