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Do you agree our toddler should say dookie for poop?

Poll Results: Should our son say dookie for poo-poo?

  • 1% (1)
    I agree with Dad dookie is acceptable.
  • 81% (65)
    I agree with Mom dookie is NOT acceptable.
  • 17% (14)
    Both dookie or poo-poo are acceptable.
80 Total Votes  
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My husband and I are at odds.  I hate the word "dookie," but my husband persists in telling my son, "Did you go dookie?" "Are you dookie-ing?"  I have this fear our son will be in public and announce, "I just dookied!" and everyone will look at him like, "Excuse me?"  I prefer poo-poo.  What do you think?  Agree or disagree on the usage?  Our son is currently 17 months old and doesn't say either at the moment.

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Yeah, I'm with you on that one. My five year old dd now informs us when she has to "take a dump" and I cringe whenever I hear it.

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I think they are both acceptable, perhaps dookie is a bit less ok, but still. However, I think that if you that strongly dislike of the word "dookie", then your dh should find a different word. (likewise, if he hates "poo-poo" then you should find a different word.)
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I don't think it really matters what you call it, it is what it is, you know?  But if you hate it I think it makes sense for you and your DH to come up with some kind of compromise.


And really neither is all that great for you kid to yell out.  And trust me.... they will yell it.  My DD is really good at "MOMMY!!!  I POOPED MY BUM MOMMY!  I POOPED MY BUM!!!!!" 

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I definitely prefer poo-poo to dookie. I'd even prefer poop. Dookie reminds me of something my 3 year old would say when he's trying to be nasty - right along with eyeball and underwear.

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I wouldn't call "dookie" unacceptable, but your kid is bound to end up learning and using a more common word for it eventually, when he meets other kids and finds out that (probably) none of them use the word "dookie."  Why not start right out with a word he'll still feel comfortable using when he's 6 or 8, instead of one that will probably come to seem babyish and embarrassing to him?

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I don't think dookie is acceptable for your family mostly because you feel so strongly against it.  I think it's important to come up with a word you are both comfortable using.


fwiw, I hate the word dookie.  I also don't like poo-poo, pee-pee, or boo-boo.  Dookie sounds just gross to me.  I feel stupid saying poo-poo/pee-pee.  And boo-boo is what you put a band-aid on.


We use the words "poop" or "poo."

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I don't know, I think both are acceptable, but cringeworthy.  If my kid's going to shout it out, I would prefer "I went POTTY!" biggrinbounce.gif  But I think on the spectrum of acceptable words, which for me ranges from potty to sh!t, poo poo and dookie are both hovering right about the middle. 

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Im not fond of any word that takes me time to figure out.  If a young person was at my house for play date and said I have to dookie I would say HUH?    We us go potty or go poop.

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Agreement is between you and your dh.  What does his family use? 


What is the difference between dookie, poop, verses having a bowel movement or feces? Bowel movement or feces would actually be more medically correct.  The other two are slang terms.  


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X49h6gdusHA  -- maybe you need a different connection to dookie --- its a cute video. It was were my mind first went for dookie :) Thanks to my girls for that mental picture. 


Then it went to wine http://www.humehealth.com.au/lifestyledookie/browse.asp?page=


And there is college in Melboure with Dookie in the name.  A friend of my husband's study viticulture there.  


So yes, I did have to think about the dookie-poop connection.  

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I think dookie and poo-poo are both dumb.  I would say potty/toilet/poop.

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Dd1 couldn't say a proper hard "c" sound for a long time and the word "cookie" always came out "dookie" so we definitely wouldn't be using that winky.gif.  We use poop and pee here.  Cutesy, funny words make me cringe.  

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Other... Both of those terms bug me, but for different reasons. Dookie just doesn't sound like it has any meaning at all, and the other one is just so cutesy and babytalkish that I can't ever bring my self to say it.

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I don't think either is particularly preferable, but I'm afraid you'll get looks and feel embarassed by your ds yelling out about his toileting at some point regardless of which word he uses.  I wouldn't worry too much about the specific word, personally.

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I don't like dookie. I don't have any reason, though-- it just sounds nasty to me. It sounds like you feel the same way.

It may be that "dookie" is what DH's mother taught him to call it, though. Those kinds of words, the ones we learned as very small children, tend to stick with us. My mom called pee "tinkle" and even though I know I've decided to teach my kids to say other words, "tinkle" still slips out sometimes.

If you hate the word, I would say to work with DH to find something you can both live with-- because you ARE going to live with it, for years, in public and private, and so it's better to start with a word that won't make you cringe.

We call it "poo" here. Actually, DD1 tells us she "dropped a stink bomb," but that's something she learned on the school bus, not from ME. eyesroll.gif
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We use poop.  I really don't like potty or toilet because I need to know which one is happening.  My youngest has been having a problem with understanding the difference between pee, toot and poop lately.  He yells, "I gotta go potty."  Fine, he goes.  He's slowly learning that he needs to call me in when he has pooped so I can wipe him. 


Back when my 4 year old was still calling me in to wipe him, he used to tell me that he, "dropped a dukedom."

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We use poopies.  I think dookie is just too...crass (?) or something?  Idk, reminds me of Greenday and I just don't like it.  Maybe find a middle ground and use something completely different.

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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

We use poopies.  I think dookie is just too...crass (?) or something?  Idk, reminds me of Greenday and I just don't like it.  Maybe find a middle ground and use something completely different.

I think that sums it up for me, too; that word has a crass connotation.   It may be what his family says though so he doesn't see it that way.


I also don't like using cutesy words that other people won't understand immediately.  We say pee or peepee and poop or poopie. 

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Originally Posted by GardenStream View Post

"dropped a dukedom."

I'm sure the Duke of Normandy would be thrilled to hear that.


(Now lets see who all knows who I'm talking about.)

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Anyone else reminded of a Green Day album?


Anyway, I don't really like the word, but I also don't think there's any way to make a bowel movement sound cutesy. Either way, it's gross and probably a little embarrassing to hear your kid yell in a crowd.

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