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Do you agree our toddler should say dookie for poop? - Page 3

Poll Results: Should our son say dookie for poo-poo?

  • 1% (1)
    I agree with Dad dookie is acceptable.
  • 81% (65)
    I agree with Mom dookie is NOT acceptable.
  • 17% (14)
    Both dookie or poo-poo are acceptable.
80 Total Votes  
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I don't like it. I think the word "poop" is okay though.



Single mom to a 15 yr old, 8 yr old and a 1 year old!

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Hi Sawandira; I purposely removed "both are not okay" because for us, we're okay with using either dookie or poo-poo (if dookie had been okay, thankfully not).  I say poo-poo but I lump poo-poo and poop together because I use both.


It's funny, but we actually do say, "pee-pee" for his penis. I mean, he's a little baby right now, it's cute for us to just say pee-pee because he's learning and people say that (it's not like we're telling him it's called a coo-coo and no one uses that word). We do tell him it's his penis though, and don't just say "pee-pee" exclusively; he can decide what he wants to call it when he can talk.  We're not embarassed to name body parts for what they are, but I don't think we need to go down the medical road with a 17 month old; certainly whatever we call his body parts, or fecal matter, won't scare him, I'm sure.  For us we use so little baby talk with our son that I think it's fine to say these few things. 


Sorry, I'm probably babbling; it's late, I'm pregnant, and tired... 

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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

Anyone else reminded of a Green Day album?


Yes which is why apparently I'm the only person in favor of dookie! lol.gif I don't see how it's any better/worse than poop. My son says both. Usually poopoo after he's done it and dookuuuu while I'm changing him. Maybe he thinks pooping's the verb and dookies the noun?

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Short of profanity - what's the difference between one scatalogical baby phrase or another?  I think unless you are willing to take the medically or anatomically correct high road - there's really not a significant distinction in politeness between dookie or poo-poo or caca or whatever your family agrees to use.  In public, I think its a non-issue and would probably make me smile to hear a small person exclaiming over their toileting.  I do think that there should be some agreement if you are truly offended by DH's terms.

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Originally Posted by AllyRae View Post

Well, going by this logic, shouldn't you also nix poop and go with "feces" or "stool"?  Because if I were speaking to a doctor, I wouldn't even say "poop"...I'd say deficate, stool, or feces. :lol:

We use both "feces" & "poop"...  and we always used "penis" although DS on his own sometimes calls it "peepee" instead for some reason (I don't think he's ever heard it from anyone)... I think I like using both terms for things though because it gives us the option to use whichever feels more comfortable in any given situation. One thing he's been asking about a lot though is whether Mommy has a penis & I'm not sure what to tell him that will be anatomically correct "opposite" because all he wants to know is where I pee from lol. I was going to say urethra but since boys have them too I feel like it's not the 'right' answer.


However, I have never heard the term "dookie" and it kind of makes me cringe, not sure why!

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Little kids saying Dookie is a little rough for my tastes. Poop, poopy, poo etc. That's what little kids call elimination. The father of the family I babysit for says "deuce" and that always makes me gag. And I also think about Green Day. I have been known to say "dangle" for penis. But it's more of a joking manner. Like "What are you doing to your poor dangle?" Or "We don't put dangles on XYZ" Otherwise, it's a penis. And a vulva. I am a stickler about the girls I babysit for saying vulva and not vagina when they are talking about vulvas and not vaginas.

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