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the thread o' bizarre cravings

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I had the weirdest cravings the other night, I thought our cravings deserved their own thread.


I asked DH to run out the other night for apple newtons (which I had never had before) and dill pickles. 


WHY?  Is it early for wacky cravings?  Apparently not.  This morning I want mashed potatoes with fried onions on top.


I am also on a red gatorade and ginger ale kick. mixed together.  I guess that isn't too odd though.


Anyone else?

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no odd cravings. Just strong ones (and BAD ones!) Like, I never eat fast food. Maybe once a year. Right now, at least 3 times a week I'm stopping to get fries (and a frosty in 15 degree weather) or a bacon cheeseburger :/


But yeah, I want salty fries all.the.time.

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I had the pickles one too. DH was at work on Sunday and I texted him and made him bring me home a jar of dill pickles. And then ate almost the entire jar.


The weirdest one for me though, was ginger ale. I should preface by saying a HATE ginger ale. I loathe the stuff. I have a history of mocking DH (and anyone else who drinks it). So a week ago we're flying to San Francisco and DH orders a ginger ale on the plane. They give him the can, and he opens it, and suddenly all I can smell is how DELICIOUS that ginger ale smells. He pours the ginger ale in to a cup and I take the cup and drink the whole thing. DH looked at me like I'd grown a second head :)

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I want anything with red sauce/tomato based. Pizza, spaghetti, V8, tomato soup, salsa. Also, orange fizzy drinks like San Pellegrino or Izzy Madarin Orange. Not orange soda but orange juice based drinks w/sparkling water.

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I'm liking anything with vinegar and whole tomatoes, not juices or purees. I'm even liking vinegar with the tomatoes. And usually, I absolutely hate vinegar and tomatoes. No other odd cravings for me. But I'm suddenly addicted to sweets. I've never experienced such strong cravings in my other pregnancies.

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Oh the weird cravings I'm having.  Last week, on my way into work at 5 am I desperately needed Sweet & Sour Chicken.  So random, and sadly, I didn't get any.  Today on my way into work I really really wanted some chicken strips with ranch dressing.  And not just any chicken strips, I'm pretty sure I'm craving a restaurants strips, but I don't know which restaurant so I'm screwed.  ROTFLMAO.gif


I've been loving ice water, so yummy!  And also Hansen's Ginger Ale.  It's so good and you can actually taste the real ginger in it. 

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I hear that orange juice spritzer type craving.  I have been constantly wanting Polar Orange Dry.  It is only like 5% juice but it tastes like carbonated orange juice.  I drank an entire bottle of grape soda the other day also.  UGH. 

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gardenofsimple - with my DS, I literally ate a crispy chicken sandwich once a week. I've only had 2 so far this pregnancy (which is 2 more than I typically eat!) but the greasy, salty, mayo-y fast food just calls to me!


Other cravings - coke and soup. I also had a deli pickle and yogurt the other day back to back, and felt very sterotypical. But it was gooooood. For me, its less about what Im craving, and how hungry I am ALL the time. I've eaten my lunch everyday at 10:30.


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motray, I'm starving too! My DH said to me today "the saying is eating for two, not eating for a family!" but I just can't get full! I had my second dr appt today and I've only gained 2 lbs (I totally expected it to be more!) so I must be doing something with all the food but still! It's getting a little tiring to be eating all the time!

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Hi all, not sure how much I'll be checking in, but excited to be expecting number two...


I'm all about anything pomegranate. Always yogurt. And apples. And the other day, just had to have a bag of jalapeno cheese puffs. And sweets I cannot do right now, they gross me out. I'm having fun rolling with what sounds good.



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I want junk. faint.gif


Mostly curly fries and jalapeno poppers (w/cream cheese filling!). yummy.gif


Luckily, I've curbed the cravings for the most part and redirected myself (not without an internal tantrum) splat.gif. Mostly because I have my LO's with me and I really don't want them thinking the fast food binges are ok.


Also craving dill pickles (got the mini ones), pretzel goldfish and latte's.

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SUPER.  I want jalapeno poppers now.  I think I need to ban myself off this thread! 

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Haha maisiedotes I completely understand! This thread makes me hungry every time :)

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Well, I gave in and ate an entire box of jalapeno poppers.  They were SO GOOD.  I hate spicy food, who knows what is going on with me.  Maybe I am having a mexican baby.

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Jalapeno popper for me too last night, thanks to this thread.  eat.gif  They were really good.  I've also been craving spicy foods, which isn't unusual for me, but seems weird for me at the moment because of how 'bleh' I feel. 


I had the most fabulous soda the other day:  Stewart's Orange Cream Soda.  Holy cow, it was all I could do to not chug the entire bottle.  It was amazing.  Kinda pricey, but totally delicious!

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I hate jalapeno poppers the other day! They taste so good but I get indigestion afterwards. I am craving sushi like crazy. Normally I like it, but lately it's all I think about. Maybe my body needs the fish? Also eggs. I could eggs all day. What's weird is one of my favorite things to eat is bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes and I cannot choke them down lately.
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I love orange cream soda!  Except every once in a while it reminds me of that St Joseph's childrens asprin. I find it hilarious that one person mentions jalapeno poppers and the rest of us are eating them.  haha!

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What's strange for me, is that I usually DO NOT like dill pickles, even the smell of them. DH likes them though, so we have them in the house, and when he eats one, I always smell it and am like "gross!". That is, until this pregnancy. I just can't get over it, because this is so unusual for me. Now, I LOOOOVE the smell of the dill pickles, and I'll even eat them! :O 


Also, this one isn't so strange, but I REALLY want mashed potatoes. Real or instant, doesn't matter. But not baked potatoes, or scalloped...I want mashed! Like I could eat them every day! 

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Came back to check out the cravings and found i've started a jalapeno popper craving epidemic! ROTFLMAO.gif  I'm admitedly jealous as I haven't had any!


Honestly I think I'm done with junk for a while. We just got back from vacation and while we did a great job of bringing fruit and healthy snacks (i even made a double batch of pumpkin bread muffins), I still ate a bit of the unhealthy stuff (spurge!).


I think overall what hit the spot best were the 2 sourdough breadbowls (at seperate meals! geez!) with clam chowder. When the weather turns cold we've been known to do a soup + breadbowl night but these breadbowls were perfection. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

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I seem to be very impressionable these days!  And before this sounds wierd...you need to know that we are a mostly-GF/SF house due to dh.


Well, last night I wanted frozen pizza with pepperoni.  And not just ANY frozen pizza.  I wanted one with CHOPPED pepperonis...not slices!  WTH???


So DH schlepped out in the snow and bought me 3 Totinos Pepperoni pizzas and a box of Wheat Thins (which I'm gorging on now!).  


Mrs B

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