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To Sleep or To Eat?

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My husband and I began to put our newborn on a routine a few weeks ago. (It's not a set schedule that goes by the clock--just the same pattern of eat, play, and sleep.) She's now 8 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfed. During the day, she goes 3 hours between feeds, except for in the evenings when she cluster feeds every 2 hours. But for the past week or so, she's been sleeping from around 11:00 pm to 4:00 am. I've heard conflicting opinions about whether or not this stretch between nighttime meals is too long. My thought is that if she needs food between 11 and 4, she'll let me know. But I don't want to deprive her if 5 hours is too long. Anyone else have a similar situation? I'd love some of your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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at that age if her weight gain is healthy 5 hours wouldn't bother me. wish my 8 week old would do it :)

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If she is gaining well (5-7 oz/week) and peeing and pooping well, then you know she's getting enough.  Enjoy the sleep while it lasts!  sleeping.gif (And as long as you are getting one feed in between 1 and 5 am you'll take advantage of high prolactin and work to keep milk production high.)


Just an FYI on the 'eat play sleep' routine.  Breastmilk contains a chemical that naturally puts babies to sleep, so 'wake nurse play nurse sleep' is often a much more natural routine.  There is nothing at all wrong with nursing a baby to sleep - it's natural and normal and really useful orngbiggrin.gif

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Moving out to the general forum, as this is not a Breastfeeding Challenges issue (please see the forum guidelines for more details)

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