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Gluten free Santa Fe?

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I am coming to Santa Fe with my family of celliacs. I have found the official lists of restaurants that are gluten-free friendly to be woefully inaccurate.

Any suggestions of Santa Fe restaurants that accommodate food sensitivities?
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someone had a similar question a while back, i dont remember if it was you or not, so sorry if i repeat myself... we are not a gluten free family, so i may not know much. my personal fav is Body cafe located in body yoga studio / spa. they are mostly raw/vegan/vegetarian/gluten free, items on their menu are marked as such.

i do have a gluten free friend though, ill ask her and see if she knows more.

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Wasn't me. Thanks much! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. smile.gif
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there is also anapurna vegetarian cafe that serves gluten free stuff, outside santa fe there is real food nation, they usually have gluten free stuff on their menu, its also organic and mostly local. their menu changes daily though so its hard to predict.

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