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Weekly Chat Thread 12/16/10

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I hope it's ok that I'm starting a new thread.


Sorry to everyone who has fussy baby and nursing problems!


Sasha, you're really a trooper to keep going with the breastfeeding!


Karen, my right breast is my problem breast too.  Something about it makes it very difficult for us to get a deep latch.


Nic, I'm sorry about your tear.  I know how hard that can make postpartum recovery.  I had 2nd degree tears with both of my other births and that was hard enough! hug2.gif


And Catie, I'm so sorry that you had that scare with Ian's birth!  I can see how coming to terms with his birth story would be difficult.  hug2.gif


Well, we started out Sunday night/Monday morning with ds waking up vomiting.  We brought him into bed with us and he threw up every 20 minutes until morning.  He's ad diarrhea ever since and a terrible diaper rash that we have yet to get control of.  Luckily he likes pedialyte, so no signs of dehydration yet.  Then the night before last, dd woke up and almost passed out several times (SO scary!) before vomiting, so I sent DH down the hall to her room  and brought her into bed with me, where I helped her vomit every 20 minutes until I started throwing up... Today we're both feeling mostly better, so I cleaned and did laundry and ran errands and then my rght breast started hurting SO badly and I realized I was starting to get a breast infection!!! bawling.gif  So I manually expressed as much milk as I could while Maia was sleeping, took 600 mg of Motrin and woke her up and forced her to nurse in every possible position on that side for the rest of the evening.  I'm feeling better now, but that breast still has that painful "bruised" feeling.  And of course we're still treating the thrush! 


I'm going to bed.  This has been quite an exhausting week!

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Ugh Julie - I hope you feel better in your house soon.  I thought I had mastitis yesterday, but am feeling much better today,


Is a plugged duct always a precursor to mastitis?  

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wow Julie, that is awful! I hope you are all feeling better soon.


Ian is ONE MONTH old today. I can't believe it. We have his appointment this morning, and there is a lot of snow (well, a lot for VA.. lol) so I am sooo nervous about driving! DH is coming too (but driving separate so he can go on to work) so at least he can watch me.. lol.


The screaming has started to sort of change.. it is really inconsinsent.. some nights it is a lot, other nights not as much.. and some days he will scream through each feeding, and other days he is happy as a clam (until the evening...). Although sleep-wise, he is a very restless sleeper, and I am such a light sleeper I wake up with everything.. ugh!


Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have DH's family's Christmas get together (his Dad is one of 5 kids, so it is a lot of people!).. Oh, and we are finally done with all of our Christmas shopping.. most of it was done online but I finally finished yesterday.. phew!

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Good lord, Julie! hug2.gif I get plugged ducts a lot but so long as I nurse off that side and put pressure above the clog to pump it down and empty it, I don't get mastitis. I hope you feel better!

Catie- Molly is doing the same thing. I think part of it is the milk getting out of my system since my mess up on the 12th. The 13th-15th she screamed for 6+ hours until about 11pm and passed out while we did everything. She would be ok for a minute and then freak out again like she was in pain. Then the 16th it was a little better-maybe 3 hours? Then yesterday she totally flipped out for every meal time so I barely could eat. Every time I got near food she would be inconsolable and then she fussed for about an hour before bed, but altogether was much better. She did wake up screeching like she was having a bad dream or didn't feel good a couple of times, though.

At night she is a deep sleeper, at least, though. My other colicky kids were fine until about 10pm and then screamed until 3am, so I at least like Molly's earlier fussy time!

We also have a family xmas get together this weekend. Yay for getting shopping done!
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Oh Julie!  That must have been awful, I hope you are all feeling better soon. 


I went to a get together with all the Oct/Nov moms and babies from my m/w group, it was so neat to see everyone again and see all the sweet babies.  I took Charlotte too and she said 'wow, look at ALL the Claras!'.  lol, she ckacks me up.


Going to a party this weekend with the fam and all my friends are bringing their kids too...should be noisy and fun.

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Desiree, did you ever talk to your ped about reflux? our ped says that is most likely was Ian has, and we got a script for Zantac... normally I am not one for medication, but with Liam we waited until he was 3-4 months old and it had gotten so bad by that point he was screaming through every feeding, and refusing to nurse, etc. I don't want to go through all of that again.. i can't... lol. the doc says to give the zantac 2 weeks and if it doesn't work we will try prevacid. Zantac didn't work for Liam, but like I said we waited so long and I think some damage had been done to his esophagus, so hopefully since we are starting it earlier it will work and we can end it earlier.....

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We go to see her Jan. 3rd. smile.gif She is getting better already, though. I think it's largely the dairy.
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As far as I know, mastitis always starts with a plugged duct.  It's happened to me a few times (always with my right breast) where my brest hurts, I find the plugged duct, and immediately start getting chills and body aches.  I just work like crazy to get it unplugged and my symptoms never progress.  I guess I always thought I was "catching it on time", but I don't know... maybe I'm just making that all up?  innocent.gif


My breast is still very tender, especially when it's full.  And it's got red streaks going up it.  I felt awful today, but that's because ds was up in the night throwing up again and we brought him into our bed, and I just didn't sleep well.  I went back to bed twice today with Maia, and am feeling much better now.  Still having cold sweats, achey and no appetite, but I think it's just residual flu symptoms.

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Julie, that's how I get when I get a plugged duct... I 'catch it' just in time, usually and don't need abx. I had a heckuva time with my Sage... though with 2 nursing now I don't seem to have any issues with plugged ducts. (currently... that can always change) It happened quite often with Sage. The first time I had mastitis was with my 3rd... I felt like crap for a couple of days, by day 3 I could hardly get out of bed. I told my husband I had mastitis and he was all... you're making that up. lol I made the doctor write MASTITIS very clearly so I could prove that there really was such an illness. Hubby doesn't question my medical knowledge much anymore.


I'm feeling quite a bit better in my perineum... still have a hole but it feels like it's healing up. I've got some sort of hemmie action going on... and that's uncomfortable but tolerable. I've stopped using anything but hot water to rinse myself after I go potty. I think that's helping... a lot. I'm also focusing on trying to eat more regularly... which I think is also helping. Hopefully the hole will heal up on it's own and I won't need any help there. I know eventually I will need surgery to repair my bits... I've got a cystocele and a rectocele plus my perineal area isn't pretty after 5 kids, 3 of which gave 3rd degree tears. I'm just trying not to stress.... and hearing my doctor say he would see me and that he felt that the ob who delivered Marah wasn't very kind made me feel a lot better. More in control of things again.

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grouphug.gif Julie, Nic, Catie, kitty, and everyone else!

I posted a long venting post in the last thread, not noticing there was a new one...

I managed to forget I had an appointment this afternoon at 3:15 until it was 3:13. I ran the baby into DH, threw on clothes, and rushed out the door... only to get stuck in horrendous traffic for 15 minutes *at the same light.* I could've walked there faster (literally - I was AT the intersection where the appointment was). Got some nice Christmas cards in the mail and hoped that was a sign of a turn around in the day, but DH is grumpy and dealing with our completely messed up finances for Christmas isn't going well with him. ("Do we have to spend $19 on that?" he asks about the small gift I'm wanting to give my sister. irked.gif) I'm pretty sure I'm on my own for making this whole thing work - and I'm someone who really does best bouncing ideas off of someone. greensad.gif There is *a little* money to spend since we axed so many (important) things, but figuring out where it goes is clearly going to be very challenging. Oh, and any orders really should be placed today. But, I can't even talk to DH to figure out what we're doing. Ugh.

Thankfully, Eliana did well while I was gone, took a paci some, and slept on and off. And I wasn't gone very long, really. She nursed and fell asleep when I got home and is just now waking and stretching. So sweet.

And now she beckons...
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Poop question - Nicholas' poop is green.  My other kids had occasional green poop, but not consistently.  What could it mean?

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Green occasionally is likely a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. It can also be the sign of a food intolerance (started typing foot intolerance! lol.gif). I'm guessing that's what it is for Eliana because it's also mucousy (another sign of intolerance), even though it isn't frequent. Green and frothy sometimes go together, too. I'm pretty sure that's always a food/allergy issue (though it's not one I see). Then there are tummy bugs!
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My Sagey had green poop for a few months... and as mysteriously as it appeared it disappeared. I could find no reason for her green poops, I tried eliminating dairy and the like, nothing... I tried block feeding her, nothing. So... sometimes it just happens. Currently I wish Miss Marah Moo would poop... we are going on 2 weeks and I'm feeling a little antsy about it, lol. She's tooting a lot so I know it's not far behind.

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Heather, I read your last post before and wanted to reply, but didn't have time.  I'm so sorry about the money problems.  Vehicle repairs are the worst.  hug2.gif


I'm going to try again to get Maia to go to bed so I can crash.  She just wants to fuss, nurse and spit up all evening long until 10 or 11 when she finally stays asleep.  And Im a wimp and want to be in bed at 8:30 or 9 these days! 

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Evie has had green poops pretty much for the past 2 weeks. I have been block feeding consistently and it did seem to help and her poops were yellow for a couple of days, but now we are back to green. She is much more settled on days when her poops are yellow though. I'm off dairy and soy (since third trimester due to my son being allergic), and she had green poops when I eliminated wheat, eggs, citrus, peppers, tomatoes. I was pretty much just eating rice for two weeks, but it didn't make a difference (I started the elimination diet before the green poops when she was having the evening fussies at 2 weeks). I went back to eating normally and I feel so much better , but I wish I could figure out why her poop is green dizzy.gif

She has man farts too. Poor gassy baby:(

Nic- Mara hasn't pooped for two weeks! Wow, I hope you have a raincoat on when you change her next diaper, it's gonna be a huge poop!! I can only imagine how relaxed she will be after !!! 



Nursing Mamas, How is it going for you?? I have cut my 3 year old down to 2-4 times per day-quick sessions. I can't believe how agitated I feel when nursing him.  He seems to be handling the decrease well though, which surprises me, but then again, my husband has been home so they are spending lots of time together so I think that attention is helping. I do feel kind of guilty though.

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Hahaha Jodie... I know! We're going to have what I have termed a 'poo-splosion' LOL



Sage is still nursing. I try to keep it between 2-4 times a day. She's helped immensely with engorgement and my oversupply. My boobs seemed to have adjusted very quickly this time, which is nice. I don't feel as agitated with nursing as I did when pregnant... I do have to set limits though because otherwise she'd be attached as much as Marah and that's just not on for me. She gets impatient sometimes but is able to verbalize quite nicely when she feels frustrated. As much as I don't like to hear "I don't like her." I know she means, I don't like her right now because she's in the way of my time with you. She says that very rarely, but she does suggest Daddy holds the baby when she needs to nurse which is cute, lol. ♥

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I limit dd1's nursing to at bedtime and wake-up because she would likely nurse all day long. Adjustment is going okay, but she's wanted to "be a baby" a couple days.  I've indulged the wanting to have a binkie (a habit she stopped at 6 months so I'd love to know where on earth she found those old things) and holding her until my back pleads for me to stop.  Dh and ds are out of school now until the 3rd so that will be a big (and hopefully helpful) distraction.  Rachel is being baptized tomorrow and a lot of family are coming into town.  I hope the jealousy issue isn't too bad.  We're going to start our holiday travels next week.  I'm still hoping for just one night at fil's house, but the weather doesn't look too helpful. Gotta drive from NW Indiana to SW Michigan - only 2 hours, but that's the severe lake effect area.  I like them well enough but sometimes I have to grit my teeth over meals and beds.  No, I'm not gonna use the crib - I didn't for the other 2, why start now?  And could we please just eat dinner before 8.  That's past bedtime for the big kids, and they wonder why they lose it?  Dude, they.are.hungry.  However, I am way more assertive than I used to be and dh has seen the light as well.  Gotta go clean up before the crowd arrives. 

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Or Poomagedon lol.gif

Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post

Hahaha Jodie... I know! We're going to have what I have termed a 'poo-splosion' LOL


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Thanks for the "poo feedback" - N is block feeding,not too gassy, the poo isn;t mucousy, and he's sleeping pretty well (I got a 4 hour and a 3 hour stretch out of him last night).  I guess it's just an idiosyncrasy...I'll ask my mw on Monday.


Nic - 2 weeks?  Wow - have your wipes handy!


We're cleaning (the house is a disaster!) and packing today and tomorrow and going to my parents' house on Monday for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to the time visiting and relaxing!

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Yesterday was pretty awful, but today is much better already, and more things to look forward to this afternoon/evening. I think the placenta capsules and fish oil started taking effect last night, and DH finally started coming around with an interest in helping me out. We straightened the very crooked Christmas tree so it no longer looks like it's about to either fall over or attack you (fresh cut and much skinnier and crooked than we expected!). He also dug through our closet and found the box of gifts that I had already purchased for our immediate family. He went to the storage unit this morning and dug through until he found our tree skirt, so the few packages under the tree don't look as out of place. He also found our holiday dishes so we have enough plates for the whole group that will be here on Christmas. He came home (while I was still in bed with Eliana) and put the tree skirt on, rearranged the living room as it needed to be, and put on Christmas music. When I got up, he was super sweet and told me he was looking forward to enjoying time with our family for Christmas, and that anything else would just be bonus. love.gifhappytears.gif

We have some gift cards we've been looking forward to shopping with and are going to go this afternoon, as well as to the specialty grocery that has the cut of meat we need for Christmas at something like 40% off this week. They're close to each other, so we'll take the little ones (the big ones are with Grandma decorating her tree) and go on an adventure.

Eliana didn't fall soundly asleep last night until I finally just went to bed with her and nursed her there. Today, she's fallen asleep a couple of times just when I've laid her on her tummy for one reason or another. She definitely sleeps more soundly like that, so that may be my plan for tonight! The pouch worked a bit to get her down last night, but she get waking up and fussing, anyway. At some point yesterday, I started rocking her side to side and she stopped fussing immediately. I think she'd love a cradle swing (like we had with the boys) but we don't have one anymore. This is actually the longest we've gone without any sort of "device" to help soothe a little one, which must be a testament to how easy-going she is! With Judah (#3), he was 2 weeks old when we got a new swing (which I sold 1.5 years ago...) and I thought that was pretty good. lol.gif I'm figuring we'll see what she gets for Christmas and use the gift cards we've gotten for baby gifts after that to get something to help in those fussy periods.

I hope everyone's travels go smoothly and safely! I'm so glad not to have to deal with questioning family. My MIL (who doesn't question our decisions so much as is generally critical) has come and gone, and now my sister is here and her DH is coming just before Christmas. Then, my Dad comes for my birthday and new year. But even if it's not family, I'm sure we've all had those pestering questions! I am always shocked at the ones who are worried about putting nb poo in the washer when my little guy's clothes were ALWAYS being stained by poo leaks in disposables. Even with toddlers, do they just throw away the clothes when they have an accident? (I know my DH has said we should at times, but I don't think we ever have!) Hopefully the holiday will be low-stress for everyone, regardless! grouphug.gif
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