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Just stopping in to say hi! Things here are improving daily. Dez was prescribed Lansoprazole (prevacid) and it has been working really well for us. I've also started to eliminate eggs in my diet (goodbye forever, eggnog! mecry.gif) and slowly re-introducing dairy. So far I think dairy doesn't bother him, we shall see.


I attempted to finish some of my last minute xmas shopping this week and it was EXHAUSTING. On Monday my MIL came with me to the mall just to help me get some stuff done, but mostly to spend time with her first grandson. I'll admit half way through the day I had some definite Give Me My Baby Back! feelings, the way she fusses over him. Then today I went out by myself for the first time and I couldn't decide what to try: stroller or baby carrier. Honestly I would have prefered baby carrier but I am really unsure of waking a warm sleeping baby out of a carseat and walking through a huge parking lot in -20*C weather. Even putting him on in the car seams unrealistic as the car cools off FAST and there isn't a lot of room with the babyseat in the middle of the backseat. Any tips?


I'm kind of nervous about the holidays. We are staying at my parent's place overnight on xmas eve and on xmas day she is hosting over 20 aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'm just unsure about being around that much family. I know my mom has pretty much told me that public nursing is NOT welcome, but I think I will welcome the chance to escape. I'm also planning on wearing Desmond as much as possible.


Speaking of which, we got an Ergo! We are using it with the infant insert, so far Dez will fuss for the first 2-5 minutes and then he usually just falls asleep.


My "I need to fold that" pile is OUT OF CONTROL. We mostly just fish from the clean baskets these days. What a gong show.



oh, baby is awake and hungry. bbl.

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Originally Posted by SashaBreeze View Post

Our thrush has came back (or never completely went away?)  I woke up for their 3 o'clock sodium medication and the blood had fused my nipples to my shirt.yikes2.gif  Dh is picking up some medication for me and the boys on the way home from work that will hopefully knock it out for good.


So is everyone's "I need to fold those" clothes pile as huge as mine?

Oh no! greensad.gif I hope it goes away and stays away. That sounds just horrible!

Laundry is only getting folded here because I force the big boys to help! They are learning an awful lot about laundry these days. lol.gif I told DS1 it was a good thing for him because, someday, he'll be on his own and won't have to bring his laundry to me like some "kids" do with their parents. winky.gif
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yes, i have been dealing with vasospasms... i had them all the time with my 2yo, but i'm having them now, too, with this soreness i've been having over the past week.  i guess i'm so used to it from last time that i hardly notice unless i see it...i just rub some lanolin on and the warmth/massage seems to help it stop.


baby acne - brigit's seems to change over the course of a day, but it's generally always in the same places (in her case, upper cheeks).  i rubbed some breastmilk on it the other night and it seemed to lessen the redness...  i don't know what to say about what you are seeing, although if it's not lasting, i wouldn't worry -- i would think it is likely minor irritation; not necessarily an allergy or anything.

greensad.gif So sorry you've got that on top of everything else! I had more minor issues with it with DS3 but with DS2 the vasospasms were just awful.

I really need to start a food diary and also keep track of her symptoms (as opposed to just the food diary which should help with my own weight loss goals!). I would wager that if the "acne" comes and goes along with certain foods or changes in stools it'd be significant, but without tracking it, it's all speculation on my part. eyesroll.gif

Breastmilk is the cure for everything! She's really snuffly and congested right now (again!!) and her eyes are getting bloodshot (again!) so I keep squirting her, which of course gets it all over her face, too. lol.gif Hopefully it all helps!
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Isn't it crazy how big our babies seem already??  It seems like in just the past week, Paige went from being a newborn to being a baby. Amazing. And she rolled over, or very nearly, last night, too. From back to front. I say nearly, because she was too close to the bathtub (I'd set her on the bathmat so I could use the toilet!) to make it all the way over. Kind of scary, though, 'cause I'd just left her on the changing table to run into the other room "just for a second!" about an hour before. Guess I won't do that again!


Speaking of scary...we set up a pack-n-play in the living room so we had a safe (ish) place to put her while she sleeps. We figured that's a place where big brother can't poke or pull her. Well, DH and I were in the kitchen (out of sight) for a couple of minutes and when DH came back into the living room, there was a towel over the baby's face! DH freaked out - all he could see were her hands and feet and that towel over her face. He thought she was dead. bawling.gif Once the crisis was past (she was fine; I think the towel had been there for seconds only), DH broke down and cried and we attempted to explain to DS why this was a big deal. He just doesn't seem to get it. Doesn't get that DD is delicate, that she can't defend herself, can't move things, can't say when she doesn't like something. I am getting so tired of protecting her. *sigh* I so wish I didn't have to, but I don't know what else to do. We did finally set up a chair in another room so that I can go in there and lock the door against him if I/we need the space while nursing.


When he isn't being "wild boy", DS can be very loving and affectionate toward his sister. I just wish he could be like that all - or even most of - the time. I try to get him to talk about his feelings toward her (when he is calm), but he just clams up. Nothing we say seems to make a difference. greensad.gif  This is definitely the hardest part of having a baby for me. Really. Pain while nursing? Fatigue? Fussy baby? All easy to deal with in comparison.

hug.gif I'm so sorry! I hope it clicks for him soon.
Originally Posted by mzminty View Post

Heather and Leslie, is Raynaud's/vasospasms when your nipples are white/blanched looking and hurting?  What causes that?  Improper latch?  I'm so frustrated that this is my third child and I can't even pass Latching 101!!!  eyesroll.gif

Yep, that's it. It can be a couple of different things and I've never figured out which it is for me. Bad latch is one (and, yeah, this is my fourth and we STILL started with a bad latch! I'm just so glad it doesn't hurt anymore, even though it's still probably shallow!) because it can damage the tissue in the nipple. The other is Raynaud's Syndrome, itself, which is associated with autoimmune diseases (among other things). I have/had chronic Lyme Disease which is also associated with some autoimmune disorders, so I never have been clear. shrug.gif

Interesting info on Raynaud's (along with some mildly disturbing pictures of the phenomenon in hands):

The wikipedia article mentions the breastfeeding occurrences, too.
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Farren-do you like the ergo with insert? I had one with #4 without the insert and I liked it but traded for a Beco 4th gen which I love. Problem is it just doesn't fit her right and ergo fits the little ones better from what I recall, so I was thinking of buying one again. Talk me into it. lol.gif
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Baby acne - does it always come and go, like over the course of a day? Or am I more likely looking at a reaction of some sort, either to food sensitivities or external stuff (i.e., clothing irritation)? I have never had a baby with any real baby acne (but I've also never had a girl!) so I am not sure what to make of it... But she gets varying rashy areas and/or splotchy marks all over her face and even some on her neck and such. (I don't think it's heat rash, though it is unseasonably warm here!)


Eira's got better and worse over the course of the day, though I'm not sure of a direct correlation with eating something, or if the increased redness was due to clothing irritation. The acne did clear up pretty much entirely once I realized my salad dressing had cheese in it and stopped eating that.


She had a touch of it again this morning, which makes me suspect red dye may also be an issue (I ate gummy bears last night, and her big brother had noteable behavioral reactions to red dye)..


I wouldn't say her poop is back to normal breastfed-baby yellow yet, but it seems to be headed more in a brownish direction, at least. I do wonder if there's some other staple (most likely eggs, corn, or coconut) causing problems in addition to the dairy, but I feel like I need to give the non-dairy a bit more time before eliminating more, since it's only been a few days and it could take a few weeks to get all the dairy out of my milk.

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Our Christmas is going to kinda craptastic now.  My Dad had emergency surgery last night for a bowel obstruction, I'm still in shock, and pretty upset.  I'll feel better after I get to see him but have to wait till evening when DH can watch the kids.  This sucks greensad.gif.  I hope he's okay. 

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Oh Laura, I'm so sorry to hear that. hug2.gif I hope he has a speedy recovery and you all get to celebrate soon.


Kitty: I love the ergo with the insert. He feels so sturdy in there and his neck feels well supported. I can't compare it to other carriers, but I'm loving using it so far. Sometimes he just does. not. want. to be held, though. Any other babies going through a phase like that? He screams until we put him down on his back and then he is just so content. idk what that is about.


I do find that the acne gets better throughout the day. I ate a lot of eggs the other day and his acne flared up big time! And now he also has what I think is cradle cap, or at least some severely dry scalp skin. I want to put a little olive oil on it, but I don't want to get it on the acne... I might go for it anyway.


Question: Sometimes he has some crusties on his eyelashes and today he had a big hunk of crust in the corner of his eye. Is this something to be concerned about? I squirted a bunch of breastmilk in there today, so hopefully whatever it is will be taken care of...


I want to stay and chat but I have so many gifts to wrap! So sad, soon our ddc will be closed and I'll have been too busy to enjoy the last little bit.

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The beco has an insert too!

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hug2.gif Laura

I hate the Beco Butterfly. I had one and sold it within a month. I love my 4th gen, though.
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I love my 4th gen too! Too bad they discontinued it.

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Farren- Do you think your babe has heat rash? It often looks like acne, but gets better as the day progresses and babe cools down.

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ohhh I forgot-eye crusties-totally normal, Desmond probably has a blocked tear duct. Breastmilk is awesome to help with any infection (if the gunk is greenish). You can wipe his eyes from nasal corner to outside corner with a warm washcloth a few times a day. That should helpthumb.gif They grow out if it eventually. Totally normal:)

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hug2.gif  Laura - my mom had emergency bowel resection surgery three days before my wedding. It sucks. I hope your dad is recovering well and comes home soon!


Farren - Dez is just at the age where his tears are starting to come, so that is probably what the crusties are from. Wiping as Jodie suggested when you see the crusties. It might not be a blocked duct, just a build-up of tears. Paige had that for a few days and she seems fine now.


We can continue having chat threads over in Life with a Babe, if we want. We just need to label them, like "Nov 2010 babies - January chat"


Our Christmas was very low-key, but pretty good. DH had been talking up stockings to DS, to the point where he didn't even notice the new bike under the tree!  He really enjoyed un-stuffing his stocking one item at a time. love.gif  And my very generous sisters got us memberships to the zoo and to the local science museum, so we'll be able to find activities at least a couple of days a week from now on. That should help with the boy's wild crazy times.


I hope all of you had wonderful holidays!

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I actually prefer a separate board altogether... that's what my last ddc did. We just set up a private board on forumcircle and it's worked perfectly for us! Anyway.. not sure everybody else would like that. :) I always have a hard time keeping up in threads I need to subscribe to.


*sigh* I can only easily carry Marah in the pouch sling which I'm almost certain gave me mastitis (from the pressure), the wrap she protests but will eventually fall out in... and I tried a MT last night but she came out of it screaming when she woke. I worry that it was hurting her feet somehow?? I'm not sure I've got her in there right... I've tried froggy legs but she is really quite strong and can launch herself up in that position.. then I had her naturally curled up in the MT and that seemed to rest her weight on her feet, poor girl. We'll get it eventually... I'm sure.


Marah is 6 weeks today... she is very smiley in the morning and has this coy, shy way of trying to talk to me. It's adorable... I'm so in love. ♥

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Molly has a cold-stuffy nose and cough. greensad.gif

I would prefer just a facebook group or thread on here or something. My last ddc had a seperate board and nobody ever really used it and it fell forgotten quickly.
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Well my dad is doing really well, all things considered.  He's a tough cookie.  It's been a rough week though, and Christmas was pretty low key, the extended family version postponed and TBA.  The worst part was visiting dad yesterday at the hospital when he started to cry because he missed my kids and felt bad about missing out on Christmas.  bawling.gif 


Clara is 7 weeks old today.  Can't believe it!  I love my girls so much, and I'm so thankful they still have their grandpa.

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Had the youngest member of my family (Rachel) together with the oldest member - my grandmother is 98!  Pretty cool.  Christmas has been BUSY!  We've been travelling since the 21st but all in all it has been really going well.  Babe has a cold that I blame on tandem nursing.  Big sister had a cold and without thinking I nursed her and then the baby one right after the other.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to avoid those germs....if anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them.


On cradle cap - olive oil, yes?  I'm not at home right now but eventually I will be again.

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