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Week #1 of bedrest done

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So last week I ended up in L&D in preterm labor.  The first medication they tried did not work so I ended up on Mag for 12 hours which really stunk, but the contractions slowed and finally stopped.  I was sent home on bedrest:(  Then this week I went in for my NST and failed it and they were talking about possibly having to deliver yesterday at 32 weeks, but baby passed a biophysical profile, so sigh of relief I am still pregnant.  We are crossing our fingers for 3-4 more weeks.  I went on a little tour of the NICU yesterday just in case, and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for whatever might come.  This has been a horrible pregnancy, but my papers for a tubal are signed and I am trying to just enjoy what will be my last pregnancy as best as I can.  I will be so happy to have this little guy on the outside where I have so much more control over what is going on with him.  Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

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Oh, Alicia, huge, huge hugs.  I'm so sorry.


DS is a 28-weeker NICU veteran, and we actually stopped at our NICU yesterday to say hi, because we love them so much there.  Our neonatologist was talking with us about being at 32 weeks and how easy our stay would be, if pre-e happened again and the baby would have to come out now.  He said there is a huge difference between babies born before and after 30 weeks, and anything after 32 weeks is AWESOME.  This isn't to say, "So you're silly for being worried," because of course you are worried - the idea of having a premature baby is so scary.  But, take it from my experience - medicine is so amazing these days, and babies are so much tougher than you'd think.  I never thought I'd say it, but there are absolutely days when I wish that my son (who weighed two pounds and was about as long as my hand when he was born) had come with a mute button and an off switch.  As I type, he is running around the house yelling his ABC's at the top of his voice (a favorite pastime around here).


Be as good to yourself as you can.  You and Riley are going to do amazingly well, I know it.  I'm thinking of you both and sending peaceful vibes, Mama.

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Hugs.. I hope he (or she) stays in a while longer! Take it as easy as you can.

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rest rest and stay in touch. thinking of you...hugs.

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Been thinking of you and hoping all is well.  Also hoping you have some good magazines!

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Thanks all!!!!  I have snuck out a few times, but I can tell you I pay for it.  I went with DH to take the kids to see Santa and I was MISERABLE.  It is amazing how quickly those contractions rear their ugly head.  I am realizing for everyone's sake it is better I just stay home because I just become a ROYAL P.I.T.A....LOL.  I do have a bunch of appts this week and will try to coordinate the last of the Christmas shopping with those in small chunks....past that I am finding out that the cooking channel is a lot of fun to watch, and I have found a new obsession with watching Criminal Minds on tv.  I need a good book to read though:)

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Hard stuff mama.  Hang in there.  Not long now!!

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