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What kind of blankets do you use on your baby?

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In the UK we use cellular blankets like this: http://www.mothercare.com/Mothercare-Cotton-Cellular-Blanket/dp/B000JIDUPK?_encoding=UTF8&


I tried to find some online in America to show my brother for his new baby, I think they're using big hot fleece ones people gave them.  But I can't find any!  Do you use receiving blankets instead?

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I can't tell but the cellular blankets look as though they have small openings?

We had great success wtih aden and anais muslin blankets...super thin.


or something a little thicker but stretchy is gerber "thermal" blankets.


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I think what you posted is what in north america are called "thermal" blankets. They are readily available. I don't use them myself. For newborns I swaddled in single or double thick flannel  receiving blankets in winter, and muslin in the summer. It can be hard to find ones large enough that you can actually use for swaddling at common places like wall mart. Kushies brand has the largest I could find, and it is a pretty common brand, sometimes at walmart, sears,  boutiques. Muslin in more common now, with my older babies the only place I had ever seen them was outside of canada, but now they are in baby boutiques, and even toys r us caries them. Right now for my older baby (9 months) I use a growbag.

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Cellular blanket for spring/summer - and fleece for winter.  We co-sleep so I am right next to him and can feel if he is too cold/too hot and just go from there.  I use a duvet myself but I don't cover DS with it as he is only 7 months old. 


I am googling to see what they call cellular blankets in America now! lol...They are not the same as thermal blankets like pp above things. 

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