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Umm, Just thought

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I saw this forum and thought I should start a thread? What y'all trying to do, organize this place??? :LOL

Hey, everyone, over here!
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Hey Lisa!

Yeah I saw this and thought, was this an option a few days ago? Seems awfully quiet for a bunch of chatty mamas due in the next few weeks.

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Yeah. I guess our little party wound down... :LOL
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lol I didnt even know this place was here!! Thread said look up and im all like look up where :LOL
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What are we looking at???????
What is this, really??????
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It's a happy place! It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all! It's a small world, after all... It's a small small world.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high....

I'm getting loopy...I'm tired... No baby. He's the longest cooker I've had.... 'cept for Connor who was perverse and cooked 'till he was 39 weeks, the stinker.... Now he's super man! He's a rockin 8.5 year old who doesn't like spaghetti.

Sorry about the oddness of my posts, but I'm tired and just took all my meds. One for sleeping one for depression. Didja know I'm supposed to be depressed? I love pharmaceutical companies. I ain't been depressed for years!

Okay, ladies, a really TMI question...

Have any of you ever shaved your nether regions?

I did yesterday, thinking, well, the c-section will cover half of it, then I'll look funny (not that anyone but DH and me look...oh, well)so, let me just take care of this.... About 30 years later, I still hadn't gotten it all off (Umm, can't see) and I give up. I have decided I will never never do that again as 1. It's prickly later. 2. I can only imagine what my OB will think.... Or will he, really? I'm sure it's just another day in his life. I could never do that specialty. Naaaaaahhhh.. No way. Way TMI for me. About old ladies, middle ladies, really heavy ladies, little girls (i.e. 15 or so)... Just couldn't do it.

Enough. I'm gonna drink a gallon of water and go to bed. Maybe.
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Have any of you ever shaved your nether regions?
Ever? Yes, I give muffy a shave every now and then. I even went completely bald once. ONCE! Way too itchy to do that again. I'm considering a nice trim as I get closer to my due date. Though I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish this task. Seeing what I'm doing is pretty much out of the question!
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In my experience shaving my "nether regions", it's horribly itchy growing back in...so for a while I would keep it shaved (mainly the labia area, leaving the triangle) in the shower every day but then got lazy. No way am I gonna bother with this belly, and mainly it was for lovemaking which I'm not doing now anyway, so why bother?
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Just a word about the shaving of the nether regions: I am a CNM, and from doing well woman exams and catching babies, I have to say that I am amazed by how many women shave their nether hairs into a variety of interesting shapes/lengths--I'm sure your OB has seen quite a lot of this as well, so don't worry about shocking anybody! Although, now that I am pregnant, shaving close to term does seem all the more impressive b/c there is a little problem seeing what's there!
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Ya know, tho, I have learned something.... It's much easier to clean up...Post partum. No blood on the hair, etc. And since I'm on painkillers, I can't feel the itching anyways!!! :LOL
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