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Katie----you're definitely making some progress!! Beautiful bellies, mamasthumb.gif


Last night, I certainly looked like I had a bump....but then again we had dd's second birthday party and I had like 3 pieces of cake, and what felt like a bin of hummus, so it might have been that, too.eyesroll.gif

I said to dh this morning, "look, now my belly looks flat again!" And his response was, "You're worrying too much, you're far from flat!" LoL...guess that's a complimenteyesroll.gif

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Here I am at 11w 4d! I am finally starting to see a little belly!


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Here's me today, 10w2d







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Everybody looks great! I usually see a big jump between this week and next but I actually think I'm looking smaller this time around compared to DD. 

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15 weeks! I promise I don't wear my pajamas all day, I just take my pictures in the morning lol.gif


15 weeks.JPG

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Oh you all look so great!  I'm jealous!  I still dip in at the belly button and until that goes away, I'm not going to look pregnant.  :( 

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Katie - I *do* wear my pajama pants all day most days.  I blame the hyperemesis.


I'm not showing yet.  If I were skinnier, it might be starting a bit, but I didn't show with my son until 6+ months and I think this Spark'll be the same, maybe a wee bit sooner.


You all look good!!!

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javilu - You do what you have to when you're sick. I didn't get dressed much either when ms was at its worst. I was just pointing it out because all of my pictures on here show me in my pajamas. 

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Yeah, what's wrong with wearing PJs all day? I do it as often as I can. Hehe

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Here is mine at 14 weeks....


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I need to find my camera! I want to post a picture too!

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13 weeks.JPG



This is really just fat, but it's fat grown for my sweet baby, so I'm posting it!!!!  I am 13 weeks. 

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Lookin good ladies!!!

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12 weeks. A little something going on there:)

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Originally Posted by ~Katie~ View Post

15 weeks! I promise I don't wear my pajamas all day, I just take my pictures in the morning lol.gif


15 weeks.JPG



jaw.gifUm... you don't wear your pajamas all day???  I do.  Am I the only one?  Sheepish.gif

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I wore them all day yesterday but shhhhh don't tell anybody wink1.gif

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Ibaby bump 12 weeks1.jpg


Its funs to see everyones belly! This is my 12 wk belly with baby #3, taken yesterday :) Clearly, I need to go maternity clothes shopping!


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12 weeks... in blue.

and 13 weeks in green stripes, today!!





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I really need to start taking photos. DH is out of town for a few days, so maybe I'll get the tripod out and pick a place for a weekly photo. I'm 14 weeks now, but not really showing yet. Baby #4, but I'm always kindof a late gainer. You all look so lovely. 

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I think a big growth spurt happened this past week


Here's 16 weeks

16 weeks.jpg

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