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That last picture is weird looking. It's like ALL baby!  Your DS looks so sweet snuggled up next to you.  love.gif

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39 weeks - getting some belly love

39 weeks1.JPG


39 weeks2.JPG

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Here's mine at 36 weeks from my uber-talented friend Meg :)



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I love looking at the belly photos.


We have probably taken 3-4 pictures the entire pregnancy, so on Friday we are headed to JCP to have our FIRST ever studio portraits done in our MARRIAGE of 7 years!


I'm excited!


Mrs B

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Ok, I've been waiting to post until I got some good ones! These pictures were taken by my belly/birth/baby photographer, Bree Ross at Bitty B Photography. These were at 36 weeks.


Picture 4.png


Picture 6.png


Picture 8.png



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Approx. 37 weeks.  Mere days before a whole flock of lovely stretch marks descended upon my belly.  shrug.gif

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Such beautiful photos everyone!

I really need to take another one!
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Love all the photos! My camera broke and won't be ready to be picked up until the 7th! Can we just say that's crunch time? At least my video camera is ready to go.

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36weeks.JPG36 weeks, I'm ready when you are baby! 

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Here's my giant belly at 37w 5d or 41w depending on what estimation I go by.  Those wicked stretch marks didn't show up until the baby dropped a couple of weeks ago..  I was really thinking I'd get away without them.  Oh well they're all worth it right?  I'm ready to go any day now!!!



baby at 37w 5d 001.JPG

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Just did our maternity photos last week! I'm 37w 2d today, but this was at 36w 1d. Just love them!








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40 weeks of baby growing!! joy.gif



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You are next guatemama!

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Yep!! Happy Due date today! So exciting to see it all coming to this! Looks beautiful all!

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38 weeks 3 days!

I know I'm kind of small & far away, but thought it was a cool picture. That's my dog in the foreground.
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Originally Posted by JoEngland View Post

Just did our maternity photos last week! I'm 37w 2d today, but this was at 36w 1d. Just love them!





Your pics are adorable!
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38 weeks today!

38 week.jpg38 weeks.jpg

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Originally Posted by radicaleel View Post

Your pics are adorable!

Thank you! :)


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37 weeks.jpgaaand sideways again at 37 weeks, all my pictures are flipped head-up in my computer, so I have no idea why it flips them sideways here

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Awesome pictures everyone, I love them!!


Here are two of the new pics that my DH took last weekend (38w).  I think they turned out super good.


Resize Pic 2 (428x640).jpgResize Pic 1 (427x640).jpg

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