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Wow Katie! I'm feeling better about my own belly after seeing your progress, less like I must be having twins or something and more like it must just be a third baby thing :)

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Originally Posted by noahs.mom06 View Post

Wow Katie! I'm feeling better about my own belly after seeing your progress, less like I must be having twins or something and more like it must just be a third baby thing :)

It must be, I feel like I'm carrying so much lower this time as well and my daughter was LOW starting around 28 weeks or so. I can only imagine how much more painful it's going to be this time around. 


Here's a 16 week progression from all my pregnancies for fun:








And #3

16 weeks.jpg

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I want to post a pic here but I can't seem to figure it out. I used the "insert image" button but when I preview the message, the pic isn't there.  headscratch.gif

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I wish I had a pregnant belly, but I  just have a pouch left from my other 3 kids!

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Originally Posted by jccretarolo View Post

I wish I had a pregnant belly, but I  just have a pouch left from my other 3 kids!


Don't take this as creepy. I'm not a stalker, I swear! LOL You look a lot like someone from The Squirmie Worm.
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13weeks.jpg?t=1295709499here's my 13w2d belly

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This is me at 16 weeks [baby #3]:


Photo 36.jpg

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OMG! What's with all these little bellies? I looked bigger than that before I even got pregnant. LOL
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17 weeks!


17 weeks.JPG

17 weeks2.JPG


You can sort of see my new haircut after getting 12 inches cut off for donation. It's not exactly the cut I was hoping for but I'm making it work, hopefully my next trim will be more in line with what I was thinking. 

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Okay, well I have been trying for days to post here but for some reason my picture wouldn't show up. Today it is. I guess this is my lucky day, Baby is fluttering around right now as I type love.gif. This is me at 16 weeks, baby #4. Gotta wait for the pooch to fill in a little more before I show off bare belly. Oh and contrary to popular belief, I don't carry the mouse around with me everywhere. I had to click the "take snapshot" button on my webcam. 2011-01-20 13-51-29.702.jpg

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OK So I dont have a whole lot going yet. Mostly just some belly love that never goes away.  But I did have to move up a jeans size and I can feel the fundus now so it's definitely growing.  :) 

13 weeks 2 days



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You are very slim!  I'm jealous!  LOL.  I had just lost 35 lbs before I got pregnant and was about 15 lbs away from my goal weight.  Now, I've gained almost 20 lbs back already!


I don't have any belly pics yet, but my belly looks like Katie's with some extra low love handles underneath.  I always get those.  It's weird.

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You ladies have such nice bellies! Even with DS I get this really high belly (and the lower muffin top that is always there.. ick) it's like the kid smashes my organs into my ribs. I am really short waisted, that may be it too.

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I'm really short waisted too... and I have this gigantic pot belly up at the top. 


This is my first, so I'm not sure what to expect!  I guess if you're short waisted, there's only one direction to go~  Out!!!

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I'm tall-ish, but I have a short torso as well, and my belly never went very far out.  Instead, my son stayed very tucked in, and was super nestled in there with all my organs, making it hard to eat much, breathe much, etc.  I guess one would say I carried him "high," but there wasn't anywhere else for me to carry him!

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Here's my belly at 13w4d. I definitely have something going on but it still doesn't really look much like a pg belly.



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Here I am at 13w. Terrible pic--maybe I'll do better next time?

Things are clearly progressing. Clearly I'm into maternity stuff these days--no way do my old pants go on over this! I still have a noticeable large divot around the belly button--bloat above and baby below. I'll look more fat than pregnant to myself until that goes away.



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meander ~ Are people noticing that you are pregnant? No one has asked me yet. I assume that's because I'm still in that awkward stage where it's not clear if I'm just putting on weight.

It's interesting to see the differences in people and number of children doesn't seem to make the difference.
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I've still got a dip at the belly button too.  Ergh.  But I realized last night that if my bbs weren't so darn huge, I'd actually look almost pregnant!  :P  With the DDDs, I can hide a bump until I'm 8 months pretty much!  Not a skill I really want, but can't really fix it.  I found my journal from DS, and apparently the dip at the belly button goes away right about 20 weeks...so I'm getting closer!!  Does anyone know what's up with getting round on the top half of the belly before the baby is anywhere near?  Happened with DS too and annoys the pants off me! 

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MarineWife: To me, looking at your belly, I'd wonder but I wouldn't be quite sure, so I wouldn't say anything just in case. I had a good friend who got asked all the time before she was pg, and it did horrid things to her body-image, so I am hesitant unless it's very obvious!

I've told a lot of people, so they obviously feel free to comment. But there are plenty who don't know, and nobody has said a word....I have gotten a few stares that seemed like an 'is she or isn't she' sort of thing, but nobody has actually asked/commented at all. It's all fine, I guess it'll be come soon enough. I'm 5'1" and short-waisted, so at this point there's nowhere else to go but out.

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