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I had excess amniotic fluid in my last pregnancy. Polyhydramnios I think they call it AND the baby was huge. He was born early, due to preeclampsia at 36 weeks and weighed 9 pounds. He was fine though. I was just gigantic. My doctor said it was the most amniotic fluid he has ever seen in his life. At my very last U/S right before they baby had to be born I was 36 weeks and measuring around 42. I wonder how much he would have weighed if he had gone full term? He's just a big dude though. He has leveled out some but he weighed 30 pounds when he was 6 months old. He still weighs about the same and he is 12 months now.

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I asked my doctor about the upper belly and the lower belly thing.  He just laughed and said every body deals with pregnancy differently!  I had the same growth pattern with DS, so it's not even about baby #2.  I was on progesterone for 3 months this time, so that probably accounts for some of the early growth. 


I wonder a bit if my dip at the belly button isn't because of scar tissue from a surgery 15 yrs ago, but hearing that others have the same thing makes that seem less likely.


I haven't gained anything either...down about 5 lbs at 17.5 weeks.  But I have plenty of reserves!  And this is pretty similar to the pattern with DS.  My metabolism just likes being pregnant!  :)  I think I had a net gain of 6 lbs with DS!  I lost about 12 in the first half, then started gaining towards the 3rd tri.  Looks like we're heading towards that pattern again.  I haven't lost as much so I'll probably gain a little more in the third tri.  But I'm guessing not more than 10-12. 


It's really fascinating to see how everyone's bodies look so different in early pregnancy!  I'm huge and round on top and a little pudgey on the bottom.  But with the bbs, you really can't see HOW big and round I am.  I just look kind of chubby.  The doctor said my fundus is up to my belly button this week, so right on target.  (My son heard that and keeps trying to see the baby through my belly button now.  He's certain it's a window to the baby!)

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Quotes aren't working for me right now.

Valerie ~ Did anyone express any concerns about the amount of amniotic fluid or your size before you went into labor? Was it a sign of pre-eclampsia or having a large baby?

I wish my metabolism would speed up like that when pg. Mine seems to slow down. I gained 30 lbs with my first pg and about 45 lbs with ds2 and ds3. I'm hoping I'll only gain the minimum this time, about 25 lbs. But if this past week is any indication, I'll gain a lot more.
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I went to a perionatologist and had an ultrasound with my last pregnancy because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I guess it was just a preventative measure taken by my OB at the time. I was also told I had cervical funneling. I was 27 weeks at the time. The perio said I had the excess amniotic fluid and that it is common in mothers with gestational diabetes. I didn't develop preeclampsia till about 34 weeks. Was induced at 36 weeks because my BP went through the roof and I was spilling a lot more protein in my urine. I assume the my son was large, because of gestational diabetes but I know that whole subject is up for debate. My girls were average size, 7lb5oz and 7lbs9oz and I had gestational diabetes with them too so I really don't know. My new OB told me that since I have never had preeclampsia with the first two and it popped up with the 3rd, that it's not very likely that I will develop it again. As far as the cervical funneling, it took me about 10 hours of labor and over an hour of pushing to get my son out and that long of a labor is not too common for someone with an incompetent cervix, according to my new OB that is.

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Hi all,


I'm new here but I thought I'd add my most recent belly shots..


belly 1.JPG


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Here's my 16w very high belly bump. I'm 5'1" for those trying to figure out if their high bump is normal. 




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Hi, Annie. Have you been able to find your fundus yet?
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Hi, Annie. Have you been able to find your fundus yet?

Not really. I can still feel where it's different down low vs up high but I can't really feel where anything ends. I know that when I was at the doctor last week, he had the doppler about halfway between my pelvic bone and my belly button to hear the heartbeat. Not sure if that means anything. He didn't palpate for my fundal height at all.

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I had an appointment with my MW yesterday.  I was 15w to the day.  My fundus measured at 14 which is a week behind but I measured a week behind at my last appointment too.  My fundus popped up above my pubic bone very early.  I could feel it from about 9 weeks on.  I don't know if it has something to do with that I'm just used to palpating tissue so I know where it is.

What was really neat was that I've been able to feel a denser spot in the upper right of my fundus.  The MW palpated looking for the most mass and it turned out to be baby.  We put the doppler right on that spot and picked up the HB immediately!   It was so amazing.  I asked DH to record it so now I listen over and over....it's so soothing.


I'm not really showing yet but am in that awful in between stage where jeans don't fit and maternity pants just fall off.....I've converted to yoga pants and scrubs for work.


No exciting pictures to post yet. 

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19 weeks


19 weeks.JPG

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Last week, 14 weeks, 2 days


Sorry for the bad pic. Like I said, I seem to have forgotten how to take pics of myself without the flash getting in the way.
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Definitely looking pregnant, MW!

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here's 15.2.  I do love looking at everyones beautiful baby belly. :)



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Originally Posted by ~Katie~ View Post

Definitely looking pregnant, MW!


Woot! joy.gif

Jenica ~ I think that's how I'd look if I didn't have a thick layer of fat. When I lay down I feel that little bump just at or below my belly button. Last night my 7yo ds asked why my belly was big there. I told him that is the baby. smile.gif I wish I had taken pics of myself when I was pg with my first. It would be so fun to see how different I look now.

I think I can also feel where the baby is. There's one spot that high up on my right side that's rounder and harder than the rest of my belly. I always find baby's heartbeat on that side.
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I get my fundus about 4 below now and dont know where baby is.  Still too little I think.  I think I feel baby move sometimes but cant be sure yet.  I remember thinking I was feeling DS around 16 weeks and knowing it was for sure him at 18 weeks so I'm sure it's probably baby. :)  Love that feeling since it's still a little surreal.  I'm still keeping the pg a secret from work and dont plan to tell them until after I get back from our vacation in April.  I'll be 23 weeks when they see me last and 26+ when I get back.  I'm sure that 3 weeks will make it harder to hide!  If someone has the guts to ask me if I'm prego or gaining weight before we leave then I'll spill, but for some reason I'm finding it fun to keep it a secret and either shock them all or become the topic of some "has she been gaining weight" gossip. 

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Everybody is so stinkin' cute!!!! 


I can't feel my fundus... not sure how.  Somebody at work said, "you're showing!"... made me SO happy!!!!  I can't wait to frump my bump.

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Haha! Frump the bump! Love it!

Jenica ~ We have the same EDD. I'm actually hoping to make it to August 1. I've always gone 1-2 days past my due dates in the past and my due dates are very accurate since I chart. I've considered joining the August DDC, too, but haven't.
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SAM_0779 (500x375).jpg


My DS took this photo and it came out a little blurry. DD wanted to be in the photo. I am carrying wide with this one!

Forgot to add: 18 weeks here.

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18 weeks sportin my homemade Bella Band.


2011-02-08 17-01-30.269.jpg

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So remember how I said I get big on the top half of my abdomen before baby is even above my belly button?  Same thing happened with DS!  Not sure if I look pg or not, but the belly has outpaced the boobs, which is definitely an achievement!  Fundus is still right about belly button level (about where the bump deflates).   ps.  18 wks + 1 day here.


18 wks + 1.jpg

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