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This too shall pass is one I often find myself repeating!  It gets me thru!  Lots of these are great, and very helpful.

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Narrowing it down to a motto, it would probably be something like "Enjoying the small things!"

That goes for life in general though.

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Will it be cute when they are 6 or 9? (Said when they are doing something that is undesirable behavior but also makes me laugh!)

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Remember how it feels to be a kid.
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One that I heard somewhere (?) is: "If your children can afford their own therapy when they grow up, you did a great job!"


Funny!  But it really does help me to remember that everyone has their own distinct personality, with strengths and challenges.  Thus, we two people in the exact same situation (i.e. home) will experience it completely differently.  No matter how hard we try, perfection is not an attainable goal.  What is most important for me is to let the small stuff go - keep the big stuff on the horizon: raising conscious, considerate, kind, open-minded, open-hearted individuals who value life and learning and the journey.  :)

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Love begins at home.



I have a little sign with that quote.  I hung it between the kitchen and family room and see it many, many times each day.  It reminds me of the importance and power of thinking, speaking, and acting with love.

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I have a few variants of the mottos above. Most frequently used "they grow up so fast, enjoy every moment" and "try seeing it from his point of view". I also concur that my pets were great in training me to be patient and to not sweat the small stuff.

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Progress, not perfection.


Good enough is good enough.


Am I taking myself too seriously?


How can I connect?


She (or he) is crying, hug her (or him).


Be respectful.


Try again.


Breathe. Do I really need to be angry about this?


They're only little for such a short time.


There will be a time when I will miss this.


I will try my best but there are so many things that interact to affect how my children grow up, there are other influences.


Hopefully they'll just need less therapy than I did.

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I concur with so many of these.


Lately ours has been:

"She is a scientist baby, doing an experiment to learn about the world."

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About 2 weeks before my dad passed away, he was in the hospital and I visited with the baby.  The baby was getting fussy and I was getting stressed and my dad looked at me and said, "relax, they're only small for a little while, try to enjoy it". 


And of course, "be gumby".  It's something we used to say when I was in the military, and it describes both the military and parenting very well.

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Do everything in love.






This helps me react appropriately, especially when I'm upset.  Am I reacting out of love or anger or frustration?  I want to err on the side of love.

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

"It's only urine."

That made me laugh out loud- which is saying something because I'm c.r.a.n.k.y.

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We're having fun and this will wash.  :)

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Relax!  A lot of stuff we worry about doesn't matter that much.

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Children are just people.


I think of this to remind myself that there's nothing metaphysically different about them. This isn't true in every case, because not all of their systems are fully developed and they aren't fully grown, but it helps me remember to imagine how I would react in a similar situation. They're just like the rest of us, except with less life experience. They don't have any special emotions or motivations that we don't have too.




Mama to Thales, 8; Lydia, 4; and Odin, 2

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"This too shall pass" is probably what sums it up these days.


That's been my life's motto for a long time.


Our "family motto" is "every problem has a solution. Your job is to find it." We use that to guide how we handle each problem. DS told me the other day that he wanted our family motto to be "we always try to win." 

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"Do what makes you least crazy."


This was especially true when DD was an infant, but still applies today. 


Does it make me less crazy to spend an hour trying to get her to sleep in her crib, or to just hold her for her nap?


Does it make me less crazy to keep pumping breastmilk, or to just give her a bottle of formula?

Does it make me less crazy to try to get her to potty train, or to just put her in another diaper?


Does it make me less crazy to take her to the park, or to try to entertain her at home?



I think it is the acknowledgment that parenting is going to make you crazy no matter what, and your only hope is to minimize it along the way.

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Edward Gorey's line, "Beware of this and that"

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Be a "YES" Mom as much as possible.
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