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All in one for an air-drying mom

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Dear friends,


I love cloth diapering my baby. And when she wants to chew on them while I am cleaning her up, I don't have to worry about chemicals. We air dry her diapers. We don't own a dryer, only a washer. We use Bummis prefolds and covers (both Super Brite and Super Whisper Wrap)


I am stumped when I go out, however. If we're using the stroller and DH is with me, no problem. But if I am out and about alone for more than one hour or so with DD in the carrier, and diaper stuff in a backpack and adding the super-heavy coat and layers in this cold, I use disposables because they're lighter and don't leave my baby's bottom all-wrinkled up. I realized that I could look into some light all-in-ones, perhaps, that'd be easier to handle if I am changing her in inadequate space and also to carry on my back with everything else. But something that'll hold in messes, because I cannot very well carry a change of clothes and an extra carrier with me too along with everything else. I also need something that'll air dry quick enough so that mold doesn't grow in them. 


Any suggestions? I was thinking, maybe the grovia with the snap-in diapers may work. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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AMP AIO's dry pretty fast for an AIO, and are "stay dry". I used to air dry mine.
Or maybe some pockets- they work as an aio once they are "stuffed," they feel drier, and they separate so they dry fast. You could possibly even stuff them with your prefolds. I stuff mine mostly with flats.
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Thanks! I'll look into it!

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I have a kissaluvs marvel AIO that I think would air dry pretty quickly for an AIO...it sounds wierd, but it is all polyester (which dries quicker).  And fwiw, i do love that diaper, even for nighttime for my 3 month old.

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Thanks, Laura. I'll look for them in the New Year.

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I find that my BG AIO (the deluxe NOT the elemental) air dries very well.  I just turn it inside out and hang it on my drying rack.  It is a nice trim diaper, has aplix, and is pretty bullet proof (no leaks)...which is ideal for when out and about.


The GroVia take longer to air dry and aren't as soft that way...but you are probably used to the 'crunch' natural fibers get when line dried since you line dry your prefolds.  Their AIO is my favorite. The AI2s like you describe are also nice. The covers air dry quickly and can also be used with a prefold when needed. The soakers take some time to air dry, but you can sort of turn them inside out to speed it along. They should dry within a couple hours if you have warm sunny weather, and within the day if you are inside.  So definitely shouldn't mildew or mold.


Have you considered pocket diapers?  They are perfect for line drying since you can hang the insert and outer separately and the fleece or micro-suede doesn't get stiff from line drying like natural fibers do.  Then just stuff and bring along, they work just like an AIO.  Put in the wet bag and worry about taking the insert out when you add to your diaper pail.  There are a lot of great pocket diapers to choose from that are very affordable, especially if you are only adding a few for outings. "sleeve" style pockets like Smartipants and Thirsties don't even require unstuffing before laundering and are very trim.

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try the grovia AIO.  It air drys pretty well




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Thanks, MEcatlady and RthyCrunchymama.

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