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weaning off progesterone?

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I'm meeting with my midwife on Tuesday and I'll be 10 weeks exactly.  She said we'd talk about weaning me off my progesterone at the appointment.  Has anyone else stopped?  When did you do it?  How did you "wean"?  I'm currently on a pretty low dose, one 50mg suppository every night.  Thanks for the advice.

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Right now I'm taking Crinone in the morning and 200mg prometrium at night. My RE has you stop cold turkey at 10 weeks. He did say however that He might have me keep taking the prometrium through the whole pregnancy because I'm having twins.

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My RE wanted me to stop cold turkey after the 7-week ultrasound.  bigeyes.gif  I didn't, though.  I couldn't bring myself to stop.  So I kept going until 10 weeks (200 mg daily) and then cut down to 100 mg daily.  When my prometrium runs out (the day before I'm 12 weeks), I'll be done.  It is scary, isn't it?  But I think by now it's done its job. 

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By 10 weeks the placenta should have completely taken over so that you don't progesterone anymore. I understand the anxiety over stopping it, though. I've been wondering when to stop mine. I haven't discussed it with my doc yet. If I remember correctly, when I was pg with #2 and 3 I stopped cold turkey at 12w. Oh, I have always taken 200 mg suppositories a day.

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I was supposed to stop cold turkey at 10 weeks. I was on 200mg three times a day ( ordered by fertility clinic- so a high dose is standard, not specifically ordered for me) at around 7-8 weeks i stopped taking the mid day dose- ohh that fun discharge all day at work- not sad to see it go, at around 9 weeks i stopped with the morning, but kept up the evening. my wean wasn't really on purpose, at first i was just forgetting in the afternoon- and nothing bad happened, so i just went with it. It was unnerving to stop, but a realized that at some point i needed to trust my body to keep the baby- well- i don't really trust my body when my corpus leuteum  won't make enough progesterone, but i do trust the Placenta- but by the time i was 10 weeks, the placenta is doing the job, so i have to trust. I've been prometrium free for 2 weeks, and doing good! I'm sure it is what helped me keep this baby, but i am glad to be done with it!

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I'm still doing 2ccs in the backside every night!  I'm soooo ready to be done--cuz there's not much area that hasn't been poked already and those injections aren't as easy as they were the first couple of weeks!!  It will be a little nerve wracking if they say to go cold turkey, but getting to quit giving myself shots will be the best Christmas Present Ever!  Next blood test is this week and I'll be not quite 12 weeks.  Here's hoping!!!  FTR, my doctor is being a little extra conservative because of my weight. 

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Due to the SCH and my progesterone levels going up and down, my OB and I have decided I will stay on Prometrium the entire pregnancy. She said it won't hurt anything and it was purely my choice. And since I have a history of pre-term labor it should also help with making sure the baby bakes as long as possible.


With my other pregnancies I stopped at 12w cold turkey.

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Thanks, everybody.  It sounds like cold turkey at 10 or 12 weeks is most common.  I'll let you know what my midwife says today.  I want the progesterone to do its job, but I'm sure not going to miss it when I'm done!

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Our verdict:  stay on every day until 12 weeks, then wean by going down to 4 the next week, 2 the week after that, and 1 the week after that.  Sounds good to me. 

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