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Two hiccups? UPDATED

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I've been measuring 3-5 weeks over since about 30 weeks. I'm currently measuring 45 cm at 40 weeks. Last night, I felt two little hiccupers in my belly; one down low near my pubic bone and  the other far to the right side under my ribs. I haven't felt more than one hiccuping at a time until now. It was either down low, or on the side, but I thought that perhaps the baby had moved its position. Now I'm very curious. We're not into ultrasounds and haven't detected another baby in there until possibly now. Any thoughts about this? Anyone else measuring much bigger? I suppose we'll find out soon enough as I think I lost part of my plug yesterday. Wish me luck!

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I can't wait to hear how this turns out!!!

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Were they kind of hiccuping at the same rhythm, or totally different rhythms? I would sometimes feel it in two different places because the baby would hiccup and I'd feel it in the chest, then he'd kick his leg or something as a reaction. Or it would make a different art of his body jerk. So it felt like two hiccupers, but because it was in rhythm I could tell it was one baby.


How does your belly feel, can you find more than 2 fetal poles?


It sure would be exciting to have another wee one. But a lot of extra work too hehe.

Keep us posted for sure.

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Two different rhythms for sure. Then the one under my ribs stopped before the hiccup in my pelvis did. I also thought that maybe it was a leg kicking or some other kind of reflex, but it didn't follow that kind of a pattern. Both sets of hiccups had their own thing going on. I'm confused, but ready for anything. My husband, on the other hand, is not so optimistic.

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Prenatal today at 41w. Heard two strong heartbeats, but same beats per minute. Palpating head which is engaged, followed by shoulders, back, and bottom of baby. So what is this other lump on the side? I'm also measuring 51/52 cms. Contemplating first ever ultrasound, if I can get an appointment before I go into labor. Not too keen on the idea, but perhaps for the sake of being prepared for a twin homebirth, it may be warranted. I figure that if I can't get an appointment today or tomorrow then it wasn't meant to be and we'll just have to wait and see how many babies come out. Wish me luck, ladies.

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wow, how exciting! 

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Waiting eagerly to find out, do keep us posted and best wishes!

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Wow...that's pretty crazy, but exciting at the same time. Definitely keep us posted and good luck with everything. 

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wishing the best for you

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best of luck... how exciting!!!!!!  

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Labor began on Dec. 30th, after dinner. I tried to go to sleep to get some energy, but the rushes were coming on so fast and furious that I ended up moaning my way through them by midnight in the living room. My husband set up the birth tub and I jumped right in. Thank Goddess for water births! My doula and best friend was here to talk me through the sensations. She called the midwife around five in the morning. When the midwife arrived and declared that I was complete, I would have jumped for joy, if I could have. The pushing feeling didn't come to me, so I tried to push with the next few contractions. Dang! I forgot how hard pushing can be. Magnolia was born at 7:13 am. As I was holding her in my arms, I felt my belly and sure enough, there was still another lump in there. The midwife checked for a second heart beat in my belly and found one clear and strong. More pushing! Baby B, as we called her, was born at 7:46am. Holy cow, I gave birth to twins! I knew there was something to that hiccup.

Ten days past the due date, the babies weighed 7 #'s and 7#'s 13oz. We're still wrapping our heads aroundthe idea of twins, but we're so in love!

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Congratulations on carrying and birthing healthy twin girls! Enjoy them and take care!
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ohmygosh!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!  congrats mama! Rest up and enjoy your little ones!!

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That is so amazing!!! Congratulations on your babies!  I adore the name Magnolia...I guess you are still working on a name for baby B?

Enjoy a peaceful babymoon with your two little loves.

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Whoa! What an amazing story!

Love Magnolia's name...can't wait to hear the second name.


Way to go, mama....you baked twins longer than I baked either of my singletons...and your twins are bigger, too. Our bodies are amazing!

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Wow!  Congratulations on your little girls!

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WOW!!!! What a wonderful story!!! Congratulations on your double blessings!!! Much love and I hope you get a lot of rest!

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FABULOUS!!!  Congrats, what an amazing story and what wonderful faith you have in your body!

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Congrats! Have fun with the twins.

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OMGosh!  That is so exciting and so thrilling!  I had to run out and share your story with DH.  A homebirth with twins at 40w10d? You had over 14lbs of baby in there!  Wow!  I am so impressed and delighted for you.  What a fabulous story!  WOuld love to see some pics.  What a thrill!  Big hugs and lots of love mama!  

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